Characteristics of people who use drugs

Characteristics of people who use drugs

Consume drugs It is a fact that ends up taking its toll, both to people who take it and, collaterally, to those around. Even if anyone is likely to fall into this addictionThere are some characteristics that make some more susceptible to developing addiction than others.


  • 1 Sociological and psychological factors
  • 2 Copy to the people around us
  • 3 Low levels of dopamine

Sociological and psychological factors

The different psychological studies agree that there are some habitual profiles as far as the drug user is concerned. This does not mean that it is always faithfully fulfilled, but it can help us recognize when a person is in a risk situation and, therefore, help us prevent it.

One of the conclusions of studies is that men tend to be more likely to use illegal drugs, such as the cannabis wave cocaine. The womenOn the other hand, they usually turn to other types of drugs, such as tranquilizing drugs.

Obviously, this is not always the case, but it is something that studies determine to occur with some frequency. Beyond these differences that have a more sociological component, there are also some psychological factors that intervene in their development.

People who have low self-esteem may fall into consuming these substances to look for a false sense of well-being. This is very common especially in adolescents, who end up consuming them due to the pressure of the environment and their peer group.

Low tolerance to frustration is one of the most common causes. This means that there are people who they are not able to tolerate suffering well or who have few psychological tools to solve their problems.

In this way, they seek an escape route through substances that alter their perception of reality, in order to avoid facing it. It is also usually a way to get the attention of these people, especially when they feel they are not able to solve their problems alone.

Copy to the people of our environment

The fact that there is another family member who is addicted in the home is another of the risk factors that can lead to a subject becoming a drug user. This occurs because individuals usually copy our reference models and their behaviors.

It is something that is also more likely to occur when the person comes from unstructured environments, especially in the case that their parents have developed some type of addiction and have seen it, therefore, as usual in their day to day .

Regarding this situation, it also usually occurs in cases where friends or people close to us use drugs. In this way, it is easier for us to associate its consumption with something that is not negative and we end up accepting it and even consuming it.

This situation is very frequent, especially in the case of young people and teenagers looking to be accepted. In these cases you have to be very alert to who are the friends who accompany our children, as these can become a bad example to follow for them.

Another of the usual situations in which people can turn to these substances is when they have stress problems, or if they are in a period of change and adaptation that is not being easy.

In both cases, there are those who rely on both legal and illegal drugs, thinking that it is something temporary until the problem passes. However, they may end up developing a strong dependence and addiction.

Low levels of dopamine

On a physical level, there are also some possible causes that determine that people end up developing a greater addiction to these substances. This is the case of those individuals who have a low level of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine is a substance that is responsible for controlling emotions, so they usually feel pleasure and a comforting feeling of drug use. If they have a low level of this neurotransmitter, they can end up getting hooked more easily.

Therefore, it is important to know that the brain mechanisms involved in these types of addictions they are independent of the psychological and social characteristics of the person, which means that anyone can develop an addiction.

So, while none of these characteristics have to be assumed that a person develops an addiction, those that can be a risk factor can be identified and make a person more susceptible than another to develop drug addiction.

In summary, although we are all susceptible to end up suffering an addiction, there are some risk factors that must be taken into account at the sociological, psychological and physical level. Knowing them can help us prevent us from having a problem like this.