Coexistence is not always what we expect

Coexistence is not always what we expect

Coexistence, whether as a couple, with friends, with friends, aur pairs, and sometimes, with the family itself, it is not always easy. Especially, in sexual loving couples.


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The friction makes the loveā€¦ ?

Many couples they separate after summer, the media usually say. It is proven that each year, especially after the summer, there are more separations in the couples, and many marriages do not arrive a year, for not meeting the expectations deposited, or, many times, for not having lived together before. The same as friendships: many friends cease to be after a coexistence, as well as lifelong companions, friendships from school, which perhaps, on a joint trip, have not even gotten along.

It is not always the time when you are prepared, nor are the expectations always realistic. Many times, couples do not know what they face, and on a daily basis together, seeing each other in the morning, sharing a shower, performing household chores together or distributing them properly, many people realize that it is not what they expect. Perhaps many men expect to have a woman do everything to them while they work, or many women expect the man to put a cleaning woman, when it is not always possible, and that the day or week he is on vacation, can lead to brutal chaos and anger, so that the couple does not know how to move forward together.

It is very beautiful today to see so many photos in social networks, having a fabulous date or a perfect weekend in luxury and glamor hotels especially. But, when the appointment is to go do the Buy on Saturday afternoons, clean on Sunday In the morning the bathrooms and closets, not everyone is prepared to carry it out jointly week after week, and adapt to each other. And sometimes, many do not even want to adapt, which is sad. Or only one of the members adapts, for fear of losing the other (many times, many women are dedicated to cleaning and cooking to keep the man happy, when it is not even his intention).

Same as seeing your face every day. It is not the same to be dressed and dressed, without makeup and dressing gown, singing in the shower or sweeping the stairs the hairs of the dogs. Is not the same. And sometimes, we don't want to see anyone in our house doing these things. Nor do we tell him that we have free drawers who can sometimes come to sleep for their things, in case they rush. And that if there are children involved, it can be more complicated than expected, especially if they do not know how to adapt, since you have to know how to maintain your own identity while managing and fulfilling the role of fatherhood and motherhood . Or the fact of having pets, since not everyone is always prepared for it, nor able to play with them, or give them good care.

Streamline the relationship

Now, if we want a good relationship, the best we can do is have realistic expectations first and foremost, Respect, good communication and large doses of patience as many recommend, tolerance and knowing what can happen anything (although we hope that getting home and seeing the other with him or her lover in bed does not happen, especially if they want to stay alive and are not agreed in the relationship that can be opened or with the right to have relationships with other people) in living together.

The detail of taking care of yourself when you are sick is essential, since people are not removable dolls, and preparing a soup or pampering them especially those days, is something infinitely valuable and enjoyable that should be the general norm of loving couples. It is clear that We will not always be in a good mood or ready to laugh, but if the situation really and the people or people we are with fill us and make us happy, we must try take care of the relationship and details, especially communication, and try a good coexistence.

The importance of being considered

Knowing that if someone sleeps to make the least noise is to be appreciated, that if we leave the bathroom clean, it is a thousand times better than dirty and without paper or without throwing an air freshener (unless we are sick that we must also be understandable), that if the other person bothers him that the glass is on the table instead of in the drainer try to put it in that place, and that if it is a couple with children the coexistence can still be more complicated, they are factors that people should take into account. As well as knowing if they have the same values in terms of cleanliness, tasks, hygiene, way of living together, respect for leaving the other space and free time (since living together does not mean being 100% together all day) and above all, ways of communicating, there will be more chances of success.

There are people who can be very polite talking and at the same time, be aggressive undercover hostile or blame or make the other feel responsible for not being what they expect or do things wrong, and cause behaviors that perhaps the other party, with another person, in normal or non-toxic communications, do not have. Or people who squeal for anything without being necessary, or find you that there are people who do not want to progress or adapt, since they are not always like in the ad or in the movie, and even, especially in couples, after passion , there is nothing left, and less, the desire to live together.

And yet, sometimes we expect the worst and find the best. We must not lose faith, because, fortunately, it will not always be the same.


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