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Relationship and physical complexes

Relationship and physical complexes

We start from the firm foundation that complexes are irrational and inevitable and they consist in reiterating again and again something of our physique that causes us insecurity before others with the damage that this has in our sentimental relationships.

It can really be that way, we can find how a person has some real physical problem that causes this problem. To give a real example we can find physical complexes in a person with spots on the face. Others are simply an unsubstantiated personal perception that cause us a self-distorted image and that pose a brutal brake on our day to day.

How do the complexes begin?

The reasons are diverse, in some cases they are caused by repeated mockery in childhood by friends or colleagues class that are maturing over the years generating a body part that we want to hide at all costs. Also the comparison with iconic figures of society derives in this type of problems. That is why nobody is free to have this problem to achieve a firm relationship.

Who has not met any person with this type of problem. Boys and girls who refuse to go to the beach to avoid showing their body, this problem is found when having a fully satisfactory sexual relationship multiplied exponentially by the intimacy of the moment.

We live in a society in which irrationally, we attach great importance to the physical, photos, magazines, television and the continuous advertising bombardment of people of impeccable physique.

How to overcome these complexes

When a teenager does not like and a particular area of ​​his physique is a problem, or we even see how these problems appear in a couple we must show strength. Full integration is vital, dissipating the imaginary difference they create. To see is to believe and we must make see.

We must talk about the problem, make it natural and we will help the affected person. We are the tool in the face of insecurity, teaching to value and enhancing all those positive qualities that make that person unique and special for us.

In those cases in which the physical complex this motivated by a comparison with people of the physical "elite" we must teach how in the street people are normal, with defects. Open your eyes to a real world full of defects.

Let us teach children to overcome the small problems of their lives, which if left unchecked in time can lead to much more complex problems in the future.