100 Pythagoras phrases, wonderful

100 Pythagoras phrases, wonderful

Pythagoras (569 BC - 475 BC) is an important Greek philosopher and mathematician. He was the founder of the Pythagorean School, a society that, although predominantly religious in nature, was also interested in medicine, cosmology, philosophy, ethics and politics, among other disciplines. Pythagoreanism formulated principles that influenced both Plato like in Aristotle and, more generally, in the subsequent development of mathematics and rational philosophy in the West.

Do not miss today these wonderful phrases of his, they will not leave you indifferent.

Famous quotes of Pythagoras

If you suffer injustices, console yourself, because the real misfortune is to commit them.

Don't say few things in many words, but many things in few words.

To educate is not to give a career to live, but to temper the soul for the difficulties of life.

Do not make your body the grave of your soul.

It is better for a man to have his mouth shut and that others believe him silly, than to open it and that others are convinced that it is.

He who speaks, sows. He who listens, picks up.

Anger begins in madness, and ends in repentance.

If there is light, then there is darkness; if it's cold, it's hot; if there is height, there is depth; if there is solid, there is fluid; if there is hardness, there is softness, if there is calm, there is storm; if there is prosperity, there is adversity; If there is life, there is death.

Write in the sand the faults of your friend.

Between two men equal in strength, the strongest is the one who is right.

Man is mortal for his fears and immortal for his desires.

Happiness consists in being able to unite the beginning with the end.

A beautiful old age is ordinarily the reward of a beautiful life.

Shut up or say something better than silence.

The legislator must be the echo of reason, and the magistrate the echo of the law.

Do not despise anyone: an atom makes shadow.

Save your children's tears so they can water your grave with them.

He who does not know to talk, does not know to shut up.

It is difficult to travel at the same time along many paths of life.

Friendship is an harmonious equality.

You will see that the evils of men are the fruit of their choice; and that the source of good seek her away, when they carry her into her heart.

You must do great things, not promise great things.

I prefer the cane of experience than the fast car of fortune.

The principle is half of the whole.

Do not have more than a woman and a friend. The forces of body and soul do not tolerate more.

It is precise to find the infinitely large in the infinitely small, to feel the presence of God.

Friendship is the bond of two virtuous souls.

With order and time is the secret of doing everything, and doing well.

Do not be afraid to die. Death is nothing but a stop.

"Yes" and "no" are the oldest and simplest words, but they require more reflection.

The soul is a chord; Dissonance, his illness.

Choose rather to be strong in soul than strong in body.

In three parts the human soul is divided: in mind, in wisdom and in anger.

Do not become an enemy of the man you stop being a friend of.

Purify your heart before allowing love to settle in it, since the sweetest honey is sour in a dirty glass.

Nothing perishes in the universe; everything when it happens in him does not happen of mere transformations.

Measure your wishes, weigh your opinions, count your words.

Concern germinates in the cradle of ignorant laziness.

Two species of tears have the woman's eyes: of real pain and spite.

Avoid everything that can attract envy.

Choose the best way to live; The custom will make it pleasant.

Freedom said one day to the law: "You hinder me." The law responded to freedom: "I keep you."

Above all, respect yourself.

Man, don't be a slave or tyrant of your wife.

Friends are like partners on a trip, who must help each other to persevere on the road to a happier life.

Perfect equality does not exist, but among the dead.

The reason is immortal, everything else is mortal.

The most that man has is the soul, which induces him to good or evil.

Numbers govern the universe.

Listen, you will be wise; The beginning of wisdom is silence.

Oh legislator! Do not give me laws for peoples, but peoples for laws.

The more we do, the more we can do; when we are busier is when we have more time to have fun.

If you want to live a lot, save some stale wine and an old friend.

Skill and need live close to each other.

Philosophy is a desire for free and selfless knowledge.

The men who always talk about the truth are the ones closest to God.

Don't be ambitious and stingy; the fair measure is excellent in such cases.

Choose a woman you can say: I could have looked for her more beautiful but not better.

Salt is born from the purest parents: the sun and the sea.

Practice justice with words and deeds, and don't have the habit of acting without thinking.

Friends share all things.

Mathematics is the basis of everything, and geometry is the highest form of mathematical studies. The physical world can be understood through mathematics.

Silence is the first stone of the temple of Philosophy.

Of all things two statements can be made and that they are completely contrary.

You should not leave the post without the permission of the one in charge. The position of man is life.

Do not be puffed up to be loved much by a woman whom you profess ardent love.

Before the doctor calls your friend.

The thread of life would loosen if it weren't wet with some tears.

The numbers have personalities, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

Rest satisfied with doing well and let others talk about you as they please.

There is geometry in the hum of the strings. There is music in the space between the spheres.

Everything that man does to animals, returns back to him.

Don't interrupt a woman who dances to give her advice. Don't talk about abstract things to superficial people.

Most men and women, by birth or by nature, lack the means to advance in wealth or power, but all have the ability to advance in knowledge.

And we will meet again before my staff.

Educate children and it will not be necessary to punish men.

Never dip your bread in the blood of animals or in the tears of your fellows.

Help your fellow man to lift his load, but do not consider yourself obliged to take it away.

A ton of science is worth nothing more than a drop of wisdom.

Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light.

No one who has not obtained the empire of himself is free. No man who cannot ordain himself is truly free.

Don't let a swallow make its nest under your roof.

Forgive your child if he confesses his fault, also if he hides it; but not if he denies it.

The earth gives wealth profusely and peaceful food. And it gives you food that is free of death and blood.

There is a good principle, which has created order, light and man, and a bad principle, which has created chaos, darkness and woman.

Don't stir the fire with a knife.

Thought is an idea in transit, which once released, can never be attracted again, nor can the spoken word be remembered. Nor can the open act be erased.

Order is the most beautiful ornament of a house.

Leave the great roads, follow the paths.

Pythagorean Theorem: establishes that in every right triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the respective lengths of the legs.

Be good like those who were good to you.

Power is the close neighbor of need.

As soon as you wake up, tidy up the actions you will take the next day.

Do not see in your enemy more than a lost friend.

He who cuts with a knife the throat of an ox and remains deaf before the bellows of fear, who is able to kill a frightened kid unaffected, and eats the bird he has fed himself, how far is a man from crime So?

In order not to waste time, read no more than the annals of a single town: all peoples resemble each other.

Resolve to follow the most excellent behavior and by habit you will delight in it.

When you are away from home, never look back, because the erinias follow your steps.

Respect the oath with all kinds of religion. Honor then the geniuses of goodness and light.

A blow from your friend is better than a kiss from your enemy.

If you are asked: "what is death?", He replied: "true death is ignorance." How many dead among the living!

As long as men continue to slaughter their animals, war and suffering will reign on earth and they will kill each other, for he who sows pain and death cannot reap neither joy, nor peace, nor love.