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Listening to Music as Healing Therapy

Listening to Music as Healing Therapy

Although music has become something very important in society for years, since the time of Pythagoras when he recommended singing or playing a musical instrument to eliminate evils from our spiritual or physical health, it was not many years ago that the music therapy Modern becomes more used in several countries, although its origin according to sources seems to be in England.

The first book that talks about music and medicine was published in 1929 by Richard Browne, who has come to apply to music therapy the fundamental principles that had been elaborated by the mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes, unleashing a great impact on the United States medicine.

As we see, over the years the theory of "listening to music" as therapy has gained more weight and truthfulness in society.


  • 1 Fundamentals on the Effect of Music
  • 2 Examples of How to Use Music
  • 3 What kind of music to listen to?

Foundations on the Effect of Music

Currently there are several theories about how music comes to affect health both psychologically and physically, but among several there are 2 that stand out more than the others, both can be considered solvent.

The first theory argues that the fact of listening to music affects the nervous system, which is based on a study that had been conducted in the United States, specifically the University of California.

The test was conducted with 2 groups of children, one was put to listen to classical Mozart music before performing an intelligence test, the test results came out very good compared to the second group that had not been put to listen to music.

With this the researchers concluded that previously heard music contained complex variations that came to activate the neurological pathwaysHowever, the effect had only been temporary. Some experts claim that instilling children at an early age, music-related practices would have permanent positive effects.

The other theory argues that music plays the role of distracting, that is, that makes a person lose or forget the pain thanks to the distraction of sounds, likewise this melody has the ability to change the moods of Several patients

Examples of How to Use Music

Without becoming a subject scholar, we could mention some examples of how music can become a great ally to cure and / or help in medicine treatments.

Depression Problems

There are already many psychologists who come to consider music as a tool for their treatments against depression, it is easy to imagine that a person suffering from depression can change their moods by listening to songs that are cheerful and very dynamic.

Stress Problems

Just as depression can be remedied thanks to music, stress problems can also become a great ally to appease our altered state, songs that are somewhat passive and calm, as well as classical, jazz or romantic music melodic, they can calm the tension we have thanks to stress.

Physical Problems

Imagine that a person comes to have a fracture or some type of muscle pain, some treatments include movement so that that repaired bone or muscle comes to gain that naturalness and movement that used to have, for this reason many often recommend walks and gentle exercises to start, but as you see the improvements these can become movements or soft activities somewhat stronger. Using this base there are doctors who usually recommend dancing to be able to strengthen those bones and those affected parts, obviously, dance accompanied by good melodies that we like.

What kind of music to listen to?

To consider only one type of music would be a mistake for its use in medicine, because as we saw in the previous examples, depending on what type of evil a person has, one type of music would be applied

It is obvious and common sense that for the need to be able to help patients who improve increasing mood, it could always be songs that are cheerful and moved, likewise those songs that these people always liked, likewise if it is about relaxing, it would be contradictory to play very dynamic music, in these cases soft music can be very good, for example classical or romantic music.

Depending on the type of music required, it can also be favorable, not only in medicine, but also in business, jobs, in the media, ambient music becomes essential in our lives.

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