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Tales and fables: Push the cow

Tales and fables: Push the cow

Once upon a time there was a Master of wisdom who was walking through the countryside with his disciple, when they met a humble wooden house that was inhabited by a couple and their three children. Everyone was poorly dressed, with dirty and broken clothes. His feet were barefoot and the environment showed extreme poverty.

The Master asked the father of the family how they did to survive, since there were no industries or commerce in that place, nor was wealth anywhere. Calmly, the father replied: "Look, we have a cow that provides us with several liters of milk every day. One part we sell and with the money we buy other things, and the other part we use for our own consumption. In this way we survive".

The Master thanked the information, said goodbye and left. As he walked away he told his disciple: "look for the cow, take it to the cliff and push it into the ravine"The young man was frightened, since the vaquita was the only means of subsistence of that humble family. But he thought that his Master would have his reasons and, with great regret, he took the vaquita to the precipice and pushed it. That scene remained Engraved in his mind for many years.

After a while, the disciple, blamed for what he had done, decided to leave the Master, return to that place and apologize to that family to whom he had done so much damage. As he approached that place he saw that now there were trees, a beautiful house, a parked car and many children playing in a wonderful garden. The young man felt sad and desperate to imagine that this humble family would have had to sell everything to survive. He asked about the family that used to live in that place and they answered that they were still there, that they had not left. He ran into the house and realized that the same family lived there as before. Then, he asked the father what had happened and he, with a broad smile, replied: "We had a cow that provided us with milk and with which we survived. But one lucky day the cow fell down a cliff and died. At that time we were forced to do other things, to develop other skills that we had never imagined possessing. In this way we began to prosper and our life changed".

We all have a cow that provides us with basic things to survive, but that makes us dependent on the routine. Our whole world comes down to what the vaquita gives us. Discover what your cow is.