Decalogue of the mother according to psychogenealogy

Decalogue of the mother according to psychogenealogy

Decalogue of a mother

1.-I have given birth to a son who is not mine. I deliver it to the world.

2.-This son has not come to fulfill my project, nor the projects of my family tree, but his own.

3.-I do not baptize him with any name already present in the tree, or with names that print a destination.

4.-I give it my all, I raise it with affection, without ceasing to be myself, without addiction to sacrifice, but with responsibility and from freedom.

5.-I offer him tools that help to build the building of his own life, but I accept that he freely take those he deems appropriate and rejects those unsuitable for him. I realize that the best way to teach a child is not with rallies, or with limits, but with the example.

6.-I accept that he stops calling me “mom” when he decides to call me by my own name, because that way he breaks ties of dependence and the relationship between them is balanced.

7.-I allow and facilitate you to have a private and intimate space in the house that feels like your own territory.

8.- As for the choice of his friends, his career, his leisure activities, etc., I listen to him, give him my opinion, but I do not select anything for him, nor forbid him or force him.

9.- I let my son make mistakes, that he falls, that he is not perfect. I understand that each failure is a change of way and with them it grows every day; If I protect him too much, he will never be an adult.

10.-I will never define my son ("he is calm", "you are nervous", "he is shy" ...), because I understand that children form their self-concept from what their parents say about him. I convey that within him are all the possibilities of being, it is all in potential.