The village next to the forest

The village next to the forest

Story: populated by the forest

There was once a small town separated from the sea and its large cliffs by a forest. That forest was the best defense of the people against the storms and fury of the sea, so fierce throughout the region, that only there was it possible to live. But the forest was constantly in danger, as a small group of evil beings came every night to cut down some of those strong trees. The inhabitants of the town could do nothing to prevent such felling, so they were forced to constantly plant new trees that could replace those that had been cut.

For generations that was the life of tree planters. The parents taught the children and they, from a very young age, they spent every free time planting new trees. Each family was responsible for repopulating a designated area from time immemorial, and the failure of any of the families would have led the community to disaster.
Of course, the vast majority of planted trees were spoiled for a thousand different reasons, and only a small percentage grew completely, but there were so many who planted that they managed to maintain the size of their protective forest, despite the great storms and the cruel felling of the wicked.

But then, a misfortune occurred. One of those families became extinct due to lack of descendants, and its area of ​​the forest began to lose more trees. There was nothing to do, the tragedy was inevitable, and in the village they prepared to emigrate after so many centuries.

Nevertheless, one of the young people refused to leave the village. "I will not leave," he said, "if necessary I will found a new family that takes care of that area, and I will dedicate myself to it from day one."

Everyone knew that no one was able to maintain one of those replanted areas and, as the forest would take some time to depopulate, they accepted the young man's proposal. But in doing so, they accepted the greatest revolution ever lived in the town.

That young man, very dear to all, soon found hands to help him replant. But all those hands left other areas, and soon his was not the only area where there was a need for more trees. Those new areas received help from other families and in a short time no one knew who should take care of one area or another: simply, they were dedicated to planting where necessary. But it was necessary in so many places that they began to plant even during the night, despite the ancestral fear they felt towards the evil pruners.
Those night plantations ended up matching caregivers with exterminators, but only to discover that those “terrible” beings were nothing more than the frightened members of a tribe that hid in the labyrinthine caves of the cliffs during the day, and they came to the surface during the night to get some firewood and food with which they barely survive. And as soon as any of these “beings” knew the benefits of living in a village on the surface, and having water and food, and knowing how to plant trees, begged to be accepted in the village.

With each new "nocturnal", the town won hands to plant, and lost arms to cut down. Soon, the town was filled with grateful "nocturnal" who mixed without fear among the old families, to the point of becoming indinstinguible. Y so much was his influence, that the forest began to grow. Day after day, year after year, almost imperceptibly, the forest grew larger and larger, increasing the area it protected, until finally the successive generations of that town could live wherever they wanted, anywhere in the region. And they would never have known that long ago, their origin was in a small town protected by a few trees about to disappear.