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Meditation against anxiety

Meditation against anxiety


The incidence of anxiety in our society

Anxiety is possibly one of the most searched terms on the web and it is estimated that about 40% of the Spanish population will even suffer anxiety or depression throughout his life. Undoubtedly it is a disease that interferes with vital aspects, yet it seems that only half of those affected have been diagnosed and are medicated.

The benefits of meditation

First and foremost comment that meditation is not something new of our times,it has long been known that its benefits, which are innumerable both for the theme we play and for others. Far has remained a critical and anecdotal look to become a common practice both in homes, in centers or even with specific training.

For example, in recent years it has been proven that through meditation the benefits are real and palpable, so much so that some studies have shown that even an alteration can be seen in parts of our brain, when practiced, for good. Through magnetic resonances, some scientists have managed to have an understanding of what happens in our brain when we meditate, the difference is that our brain promotes a decrease in information processing activity. It may seem a bit strange, but this phenomenon in any case helps us to have a better concentration. In addition, it has even been related to a greater amount of the so-called gray matter in the frontal areas of the brain as well as the hippocampus, being a positive fact since it would mean an increase of emotions at a positive level, which undoubtedly gives us greater emotional stability as well as a better ability to concentrate.

As we can see, it is interesting to find these factors in the meditation, but do not forget that this also has advantages over other types of more classic treatments, since they do not seem to affect our mood, or sleep and therefore does not cause any side effects. Therefore, and taking into account this great advantage, its combination seems to be ideal with other techniques to overcome the famous anxiety.

What we want to summarize in a few words is that The primary goal of meditation would be to allow our mind to pay attention to any kind of thinking. passing through it, a very typical example is the sound in the environment, this without even concentrating too much on other things. In this section we find what is known as full attention, which has been proven to be more effective in fighting anxiety or, in all, minorizing its symptoms.

That said we have already seen that although the anxiety as such it is still present there are also complementary methods and what is better, without side effects and with a natural nature. Now to meditate

Every man is granted to know himself and meditate wisely. Heraclitus of Ephesus (540 BC-470 BC) Greek philosopher.

Post: David Álvarez. Therapist