20 phrases of Tirso de Molina about life and love

20 phrases of Tirso de Molina about life and love

Tirso de Molinawhose pseudonym of fray is Gabriel Téllez (1579 - 1648) was an outstanding poet, playwright and narrator of the Golden Age of Spanish theater alongside Lope de Vega already Calderón de la Barca.

He was a mercedarious monk, although not much is known about his personal life. His work differs from other authors of his time by his deeper analysis of the psychology of his characters, especially women. He is credited with two philosophical works as important as: "El Seductor de Sevilla", which introduced the theme of the libertine for the first time in literature Don Juan Tenorio and "The Cursed Doubts," which deals with the issue of man's arrogance compared to God's grace and the importance of free will.

For him, comedy was a complete entertainment show and the work of playwrights was to distract spectators from everyday life. Do not miss the beautiful phrases that we have compiled today for you in this section of famous quotes.

Famous quotes from Tirso de Molina

Absence is a mother of sorrows.

Who to be a traitor bows, will be late in his agreement.

For what he has on fire, love usually goes out.

In the promises syrup and in the fulfillment acíbar.

That jealousy is invariably born without eyes and ears.

Of life is a transfer, sustenance of the discreet, lady of the understanding, of the senses banquet, of the corsage tastes, sphere of thought, forgetting of the grievances, delicacy of various prices, which kills the fools of hunger and satisfies the wise

That who loves, swears and lies.

That already exceeded human if everything was perfect.

Rude sin who waits to be told to leave.

Yes you can trust the one that is prudent, of the January sun and absent woman.

Jealousy that he has of me burns his heart and causes my prison.

To one truth, many zeros are added.

Make a place, give entrance, which is triumphing Love of a mortal battle in which he has been victorious.

... the traitor is a traitor because he is a coward.

Those who gentlemen are, never try to marry in the dark, like the thief of infamous merit.

Dialogue of Don Gonzalo in The Mocker of Seville and a stone guest.

That knowing how to obey is the most perfect science.

His righteous indignation I fear; that she is a woman, and in them the anger burns, and with the power of the right limit they leave.

The sea and the woman, everything is moving.

His blood and nobility offend who you honor to steal a stubbornness in the dark, if he does not understand that he does not deserve by day what he intends at night.

That everything that is stolen tastes better.

That knowing how to obey is the most perfect science.

The good dress increases pride.

If the tongue equals the verve, interpreter is the sword of the brave.

Reading liras delira.

Ah women! What a wonderful nature he did in not giving you the weapons!