The scale of evil according to Micheal Stone

The scale of evil according to Micheal Stone

Every time a tragic event occurs like a murder, many people ask the same questions: has it happened just because there are bad people? Are all the bad guys in the same grade? Michael Stone and his scale of evil They have the answer to all those questions.


  • 1 Who is Michael Stone?
  • 2 What is the scale of evil
  • 3 The 22 levels of Michael Stone's scale of evil

Who is Michael Stone?

Michael Stone is a university doctor who works in the department of forensic psychiatry at Columbia University. So far, we could be talking about any teacher. What distinguishes Michael Stone from the rest is that He has been studying murderers for most of his life.

What interests Stone is the study and detailed analysis of their behaviors, seeking to establish patterns that can lead even to predict their behaviors before they occur (which would be the ultimate goal of all killer profile studies).

This teacher rose to fame when directed the program Profile of a psychopath (in Spain it was aired on Discovery Max), in which he showed different types of murderers and murders, along with their lives and the causes that could have led them to commit those crimes.

What is the scale of evil

The study of decades of this teacher has helped him to elaborate a tool aimed at assessing the degree of psychopathy that any individual presents: the so-called “scale of evil”.

This based on environmental, genetic, social or neurological factors. Based on questions, it seeks to obtain the most detailed profile of the murderer. The results allow obtaining a kind of sadism scale, in which ethical and moral values ​​also come into consideration.

The 22 levels of Michael Stone's scale of evil

Now that you know how and why Michael Stone has developed this scale, it is time to know those 22 levels. Note that Level 1 is the least bad and 22 is the one with the highest degree of evil and sadism:

  • Level 1: people who killed only for self-defense and have no psychopathic tendencies.
  • Level 2: people who have committed passion crimes. Although they may be dangerous, they also do not have psychopathic behaviors.
  • Level 3: Partners or lovers of psychopaths. People with antisocial features, who are attracted to a true psychopath.
  • Level 4: as in level 1, they kill in self-defense. The difference is that these caused the aggression that they subsequently had to defend.
  • Level 5: traumatized people who kill a family member who had sexually abused them. They have no psychopathic traits, and often have regrets for what they did.
  • Level 6: individuals who killed someone in an outburst, but have no psychopathic characteristics.
  • Level 7: Narcissistic or deranged psychics who kill people around them for passion or jealousy.
  • Level 8: cases of repressed fury that come to kill before an episode that triggers that fury.
  • Level 9: Desperate lovers who do show psychopathic characteristics.
  • Level 10: murderers who killed for convenience, people who came into conflict with their objectives or who could betray him. They have no psychopathic traits.
  • Level 11: the same case as the previous level, with the addition of having a rather obvious psychopathic personality.
  • Level 12: This level includes psychopaths who kill someone when they feel cornered.
  • Level 13: Psychopath with a lot of contained anger who lose control.
  • Level 14: Psychopaths who are able to conspire to kill.
  • Level 15: Here the serial killers are included, who can also kill anyone who crosses him during an outburst of rage.
  • Level 16: Multiple killers that may include vicious acts.
  • Level 17: at this level are the murderers who have killed the person they have raped, with the sole objective that the victim does not report them.
  • Level 18: Here are the murderers who also torture their victims, but whose main motive is murder.
  • Level 19: murderers with terrorist motivations, gangsters, etc.
  • Level 20: torturers who also kill, but whose main objective is torture.
  • Level 21: torturers who do not know for sure if they have tortured or not.
  • Level 22: extreme torturers and psychopathic murderers, with prolonged sexual torture.

As you can see, these 22 levels They are very well defined, and are basic for anyone who wants to study the profile of a murderer. Depending on criteria such as your motivation or the repetition of the same behavior, we will be on one level or another.

Michael Stone has managed with this list to take another step in the study of the psychopath's mind. Although there is still much to study in that area, the truth is that this was a great step to move forward on the path that leads to predict their behavior.

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