How to overcome an infidelity?

How to overcome an infidelity?

Have you been cheated and don't know how to get over it? Do not feel alone, this is something that has happened to many people at least once in their life. And, luckily, there are some keys that can help you overcome infidelity, if you wish

The keys to overcoming an infidelity

Next, we mention you what are the keys that help to overcome an infidelity:

1. Sincerity

The first thing it takes for a couple to overcome an infidelity is sincerity. This may seem obvious, but it is worth pointing out. If infidelity is not counted, the person who committed it may feel bad, and, if discovered, there will not only be infidelity, but deceit, and it will be worse.

Since there are many reasons why a person can be unfaithful (and many stimuli for which a person can be led to commit infidelity), being honest is one of the best things that can be done.

But, be careful, sincere does not imply simply saying that you have been unfaithful. It also means explaining the reasons why this infidelity has occurred, so that the relationship can be improved.

For example, explaining that the relationship has a lack of sex and that is why the infidelity has occurred can contribute to the other person understanding the reason for the infidelity, and, in this way, it is easier to overcome it (and prevent it from happening again).

2. Time to reflect

Naturally, news like this can be a blow. So, it is appropriate to leave the other person some time to reflect and recover, and, in addition, it will be good for us to think about the subject and try to reflect on it, too.

This can be done by giving a physical space too. In fact, it would be the most advisable, because, otherwise, our presence can cloud the good judgment and generate discussions that, in a calmer situation, would not occur.

He thinks that when an infidelity occurs, the other person sees a clash between the idealized image that had formed of us and reality (that is, the thought that we could never deceive him with the reality that we have been unfaithful). It is essential a time of recovery and reflection after something like that.

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3. Expose the reality

This point has to do, in part, with the first. The idea is that the facts and the reality of the person who has committed the infidelity be exposed as clearly and transparently as possible, so that the other person can try to understand you.

Mind you, this does not necessarily imply that the other person will make the effort to understand you. After all, if you cheated on him, that person has every right in the world not to want to do it.

However, if you really care about the other person, it is reasonable that you do. That is why it is appropriate to leave a margin of time and some distance (even physical) so that the other person calms down and can address this third point in a more reasonable way.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that it is not convenient to go into details or make comparisons that may be harmful (unless your partner asks you to, and even then, you should do it carefully).

4. Break with the third person (if your partner considers it essential)

Normally, infidelities are held at parties and similar events, and are occasional overnight relationships. However, if not, It is important that you cut the relationship with that person permanently.

However, your partner may consider that he can tolerate having a sexual relationship with another person, as long as it does not involve anything emotional. In that case, you can try that kind of relationship for a season and later assess how it worked.

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5. Avoid annoying situations

Sometimes, the person with whom the infidelity has been carried out is close to the environment of the couple. So, it is possible to find it in different environments, and that can generate tense and annoying situations.

As much as possible, it is advisable to avoid these environments, changing the usual routines of the couple if necessary. Occasionally, this may involve a change of friends or work.

6. Start from scratch

All of the above may seem complicated (and it is), but it has its positive side. If the aforementioned is exceeded, the relationship on a new foundation of trust begins to be founded.

So, you can use that crisis to build a better relationship.

As you can see, with these keys to overcoming an infidelity You'll have a much easier time feeling better and being able to forgive your partner (or, at least, being able to trust other people again). We hope you recover soon!