Alzaprolam or Trankimazín, indications and side effects

Alzaprolam or Trankimazín, indications and side effects

Alzaprolam, better known by society as Trankimazín, is a drug used to treat depressive conditions with anxiety and panic disorders. It is part of the family of medications called benzodiazepines.


  • 1 Uses of Trankimazín
  • 2 Risks of alzaprolam consumption
  • 3 Anxiety, the evil of our time

Uses of Trankimazín

This substance is widely used in people suffering from agoraphobia problems (panic in open spaces), as well as all kinds of anxiety and depression disorders. The effect that this type of substance produces in the person is that when it is taken, an almost immediate decrease in the abnormal excitation of the brain is generated.

It is, therefore, a compound that is intended for people who see their daily routine limited by such disorders, manage to lead a quieter and quieter life. This is very helpful, since those who live with these types of problems can see their lives very altered.

In fact, an anxiety attack can be so strong that it is sometimes confused with another type of condition, such as a heart attack, since it beats very hard and the person suffers from breathing problems and a strong oppression in the chest.

In these cases, taking an alprazolam treatment will cause an effect that will end quite quickly and effectively with these annoying symptoms. Therefore it is, a drug very indicated in this type of cases And that can be very useful if used correctly.

Risks of alzaprolam consumption

Although alzaprolam is a medicine that does not have to cause damage to the person who consumes it, it is true that you have to have medical control to consume it safely and avoid generating dependence on it.

Therefore, like any type of medication that is use to generate a change in the emotional or physical response to our environment, the patient runs the risk of developing dependence on him.

This can be dangerous, because if you take too much of this medicine, it can produce a toxic effect on the body and eventually harm the person who consumes it continuously.

We must remind people who consume it, in addition, that it is a medicine. Thus, It should not be mixed with alcohol, much less with other drugs that can generate a response from the body that can lead to very serious problems.

For this reason, the consumption of this substance must be indicated at all times by a doctor and control its use. Well used can be very useful for the person suffering from these disorders and problems, but if not, it can cause significant damage.

The misuse of this medication can lead to memory loss, lapsus, mental confusion, as well as other behavioral reactions, such as aggression or agitation in an apparently unjustified manner.

For this reason, in addition to consuming it moderately and always under medical supervision, it is convenient to supplement the use of these medications with psychological therapy so that the person can better overcome this problem.

Anxiety, the evil of our time

More and more voices have alerted on the problem of anxiety. According to a WHO report, Spain is the country that consumes the largest number of anxiolytics, with a proportion of at least one in ten people.

And it is that this type of disorders such as anxiety or anxiety, are psychological diseases that can be very disabling for the person who suffers them. It is also an increasingly common problem in our society.

People who suffer from it also face the problem that on many occasions their environment does not understand why they feel this way, since being a psychological issue, there is a great misunderstanding on the part of society.

This can cause the affected person to feel even worse and, therefore, the problem of anguish and anxiety is aggravated, since it does not always find the appropriate supports in its environment. In this context, the consumption of this type of medication is a huge relief, as these sensations can be really difficult to bear.

As you can see, the Alzaprolam (better known as Trankimazin) is a potent drug, and that is why it is convenient to know in detail what are the consequences of taking it.