Sexual abuse, alarm signals and consequences

Sexual abuse, alarm signals and consequences

In gender violenceWhether domestic violence as an independent act, victims of sexual abuse suffer unwanted consequences that are not easy to overcome, but not impossible.

Sexual violence is defined in the World Report on violence and health as “any sexual act, the attempt to consummate a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or innuendoes, or actions to market or otherwise use sexuality of a person by coercion by another person, regardless of their relationship with the victim, in any area, including home and workplace. "

Can be produced sporadically or eventually as daily, for a relative, friend, habitual sexual loving couple, co-worker, unknown, etc.


  • 1 Types of attacks
  • 2 Indicators that show that a person has suffered abuse
  • 3 Consequences of abuse
  • 4 Psychological consequences of abuse

Types of attacks

Within this type of acts we find sexual aggressions (the most severe, such as an unwanted or non-consensual rape or penetration), sexual harassment (not occasional insinuation, but intentional or disrespectful insinuation and often with humiliation with humiliation), exhibitionism and sexual provocation (either with inappropriate photographs, such as exorbitant behaviors such as masturbation in public, inappropriate nudes, inducing sexual behaviors that are not to your liking - that if sleeping with someone of the same sex, performing erotic games that they are not desired by both parties, etc.) and induction to prostitution (without consent, in white trade, etc.)

Indicators that show that a person has suffered abuse

There are several indicators that show that a person has suffered abuse.

Physical type indicators

Of physical type we can find several of this (eye, you have to be careful, since there are people with mental problems who pretend something that is not knowing those characteristics):

  • Pain, bumps, burns, wounds in the genital or anal area
  • Red or inflamed cervix or vulva
  • Semen in the mouth, in sexual organs or in clothing
  • Torn, stained underwear
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Difficulty walking or sitting
  • Enuresis or encopresis

Behavioral indicators

  • Loss of appetite
  • Frequent cries
  • Afraid to be alone
  • If you are a child who has suffered abuse from your parents, you suddenly reject the father or mother
  • Abrupt changes in behavior
  • Resistance to undressing or bathing
  • Isolation of social relations
  • School problems
  • Regressive behaviors (urinating sucking your finger)
  • Tendency to secrecy
  • Aggression, leaks, criminal actions
  • Self-harm or suicide attempts

Sexual indicators

  • Rejection of caresses and kisses, physical contact
  • Seductive behavior
  • If you are a minor, sexual knowledge inappropriate for your age
  • Exaggerated interest in adult sexual behavior
  • Sexual assault from one minor to another minor

Always take into account the severity of the injuries and / frequency of abuse, the temporal proximity of the incident with respect to the date of investigation, location of the injuries, and the previous history of reports of abuse or neglect.

Consequences of abuse

Roughly, the main short-term consequences in children and common adults are

  • Physicists: nightmares, changes in eating habits, loss of sphincter control (urine, feces, etc.), resistance to bathing, etc.
  • Behavioral: consume of drugsfleeing from home self-injurious behaviors or suicidal, hyperactivity, poor academic performance, irritable bowel, substance abuse, medication, language disorder, etc.
  • Emotional: widespread fear, hostility and aggressiveness, guilt and shame, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, rejection of one's own body, distrust of the adult, etc.
  • Sexual: inappropriate early sexual knowledge at his age, compulsive masturbation, excessive sexual curiosity, exhibition behaviors, sexual identity problems, alternations of the menstrual cycle, unwanted pregnancies, etc.
  • Social: social skills deficit, social withdrawal (fear of being criticized as there are people who still think that people have caused the violation due to the clothes they were wearing, that if it provoked, or "have been sought"), antisocial behaviors and aggressive (bad manners, thefts, etc.), etc.

Psychological consequences of abuse

The main psychological consequences in adult victims of sexual abuse

  • Behavioral: chronic pain generals, hypochondria Y somatization disorder, nightmares, eating disorders, suicide attempts, drug use, eating disorder, especially bulimia, etc.
  • Emotional: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, fear, difficulty expressing or receiving feelings, continued sadness, thoughts of continuous suicide, irritability and anger.
  • Sexual: sexual aversions, lack of sexual satisfaction, alteration in sexual motivation, pain in the cervix, alteration of menstruation, fear of living a positive sexuality in a sexual loving partner, etc.
  • Social: problems in interpersonal relationships, isolation, difficulty in educating children, feelings of guilt and shame, relating many times only to homosexuals for fear of being abused again, etc.

Impotence keeping secret, entrapment and accommodation, or posttraumatic stress syndrome or the low self-esteem that the victim experiences when suffering this type of abuse causes recovery is not as easy as in other situations, As the fear to fly or to overcome the work stress. It is necessary to try if one is a victim or they know someone who is a victim of sexual abuse, once the first phase of identification of the problem has passed, go to the emergency pack, to the police, call them that this person do not isolate yourself from people, denounce the aggressor, let off steam and rely on relatives and close people and of confidence, to avoid situations of only living the moment, and above all, to seek psychological help.

It is difficult to treat these problems but as we have said before, a good team of professionals, both psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, therapists, gynecologists, even with alternative medicine or holistic techniques can work and return to health, a positive life and happy, as well as a full and positive sexuality, be that way that person wants.


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