The psychology of the shy child

The psychology of the shy child

Do not confuse shyness with innocence. Yes, almost all children are innocent, but not almost all are shy. Shyness is a characteristic that people acquire since we are born, and it develops in one way or another depending on what we live and how we live it, often reaching adulthood at a very high level. Let's see a little psychology for children as far as shyness is concerned.


  • 1 What is the shyness of the child?
  • 2 Is it an innate or developed character?
  • 3 What can be done to normalize shyness?

What is the shyness of the child?

Shyness is a reaction that the child expresses to that unknown or distrustful, for fear of being harmed in some way, especially psychological or moral.

This reaction is derived from the Little trust In one's ability to avoid somehow or overcome possible damage, whether physical or psychological, therefore, it is a matter of avoiding from the beginning what we know as a shy attitude.

Shyness is therefore a psychological value strongly rooted to mind since we are born, and has a fundamental impact on the way the child or even the adult faces situations that leave our comfort zone.

Is it an innate or developed character?

In the case of shyness, we can speak rather of a innate character to the person, and even inherited from the personality of their parents. Normally the son of two shy people, will be born innate being more shy.

Although also the form of channel that shyness from the parents or the environment from a very young age affects the way in which develop your shyness.

Concrete situations, or routine actions that recur over time during childhood can aggravate the state of shyness. Although it should also be noted that encouraging an open, trustworthy and close attitude gives possibilities of turn that shyness into extroversion.

In the first five years of the child's life We can begin to see what attitude a child evolves naturally, from here, the environment will begin to play a much more important role in terms of shyness of the person, since the person will begin to be more independent and should face different situations of life alone.

What can be done to normalize shyness?

To prevent the child's attitude from developing towards shyness, try avoid situations in which the child looks isolated.

To do this you always have to give him a small role in which he can interact in some way when there are more people around him who do not belong to his comfort zone.

Increasing their autonomy for a long time will also be important from an early age. The excess overprotection it will cause the child not to develop defense mechanisms so that they cannot perform well in certain situations of life, which in case of failure will mark shyness before future situations.

The development of Group activities from an early age it also seems fundamental to avoid shyness. This is usually a great failure on the part of the parents when developing the qualities of the child as a group, since they put their personal needs before allowing the child to have a better integration between people of the same mentality and age.

Understanding the character of the child, and guiding him towards a balanced behavior without forcing his abilities, is a good philosophy for a correct development of psychology that affects the shyness of the child, understand and strive, that is a good practice.