40 Avicii phrases about life and music

40 Avicii phrases about life and music

Tim Bergling (1989 - 2018), better known as aviciiHe was one of the most successful producers and DJs of recent times. He was the creator of such famous songs that sounded in every corner of the plant such as levels, Wake Me Up, Hey Brother, Addicted to You, Broken Arrows, Waiting For Love, Seek Bromance, You Make Me, For a Better Day, Fade Into Darkness, The Days, The Nights and many others.

His musical career began in 2008, with just 18 years, when he remixed the song of the video game of Commodore 64, Lazy jones. After several years creating themes for video games, he signed his first contract with the European label EMI Music Publishing, making the leap to international fame. In 2013 he was awarded "Best electronic artist" by the MTV EMA.

Bergling also became fully involved in a charity dedicated to alleviating world hunger. He donated $ 1 million to Feeding America, a charity to help distribute more than 2 million school meals throughout Africa. He also supported campaigns against human trafficking and violence in the streets.

Unfortunately, from a young age he began to have health problems, and in January 2012 he was hospitalized for 11 days in New York City with acute pancreatitis caused by excessive alcohol consumption. In 2014 he underwent surgery and both his appendix and gallbladder were removed. In 2016, Bergling's health deteriorated and he retired from the live performance.

Avicii died on April 20, 2018 in Oman, at the age of 28 years. He did not immediately release any cause of death, but on April 26, his family published an open letter stating that Bergling "really had problems with meaning, life, happiness. He couldn't go on anymore. He wanted to find the peace".

Famous quotes from Avicii

I don't know where the trip will end, but I know where to start. Wake me up

I don't know if I did it right or wrong, I just did what I thought was right at that moment.

Life is a game made for everyone and love is the prize.

Wake me when it's all over, when I'm more cautious and older.

Dance music is like a virus, it has affected so many different genres.

I tried to carry the weight of the world. But I only have two hands. Wake me up

When thunder clouds begin to discharge, light a fire that they cannot extinguish. The nights

I wish you could discover that love is something fragile. For a better day

One day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember. The nights

There are always enemies, no matter what you are doing, if they are complaining that everything you do sounds the same or is too different.

I think I am a good judge of character in general and I try to surround myself with the best people I can.

There is always a lot of music around me, it seems that everything has to be something with music, so in my spare time I try not to hear anything. It's so hard for me to hear something without trying to see a benefit in it: "Maybe I make my own version of that track or maybe I do this or that." When I leave, I just don't want to hear anything.

I always try to look for energy, imagine playing on the dance floor. I guess that's the most important thing when making music for me.

Some nights I speak in my dreams; I shout the words I never said when you were with me. Talk to myself

I will always be grateful to have experienced and accomplished everything I have with the help of the team around me and my dear followers.

Under the tree in which the grass does not grow, we made a promise not to grow older. The days

The stage is not for me. It was always the other things that surrounded him that I never felt naturally. All other parts of being an artist. I am more an introvert in general. It was always very difficult for me. I took too much negative energy, I think.

If there is love in this life, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Waiting for love

I'm good at the melody: I ​​write the melody and the ideal words I want to have. But I'm not so good at writing lyrics. I leave that to composers or someone who can sing.

I was definitely very focused, I was really motivated, and I spent almost 24 hours a day working on music ... I was really dedicated.

I grew up listening to Ray Charles and 60's rock, thanks to my father, and then my brothers took me to listen to Kiss and all that, so I guess that's where I had my first interest in music.

You told me that you would follow me anywhere but your eyes told me that you would not be there. Without you

A part of me says 'never say never', I could be back, but it won't be shortly.

All this time I've been meeting and I didn't know I was lost. Wake me up

When I look back on my life, I think, 'Whoa, did I do that?' It was the best moment of my life in a certain sense. It came with a price, a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress for me, but it was the best trip of my life.

At the bottom of the bottle you are the poison in the wine and I know that I cannot change you and I ... I will not change. Lonely together

I feel so happy to be one of the few people that I can really say that I love what I do. Getting to the point where I am today is amazing. I still can't believe it.

Establishing a strategy according to your objectives and timely control, is often the basis of success.

I would never set a preprogrammed set and act with a premixed CD; I would never cheat my fans like that.

I have to learn to love without you, I have to carry my cross without you. Without you

I really don't look at the comments at all. In any case, I try to overcome what I have done before. I try to make the music I like and I trust my own judgment about what will work with a wider audience. If you compare yourself with others, you lose perspective on what you are doing and why you are doing it.

I make sure to use both Twitter and Facebook, it helps me connect with fans.

To make songs, some people are inspired by a feeling, but mine, for the most part, are inspired by melodies.

I've always had a fascination for making my own music, but I never had enough skill to play an instrument, so being able to make music without this ability seems incredible to me.

I have always been dominant. It's very strange, because I don't see it as something negative at all. Many people see it as something negative.

I have difficulty writing music when I'm on tour.

I always try to overcome myself and overcome what I have done in the past.

People in Sweden are very aware of what people say about you.

If you wanted to earn money fast, there are much simpler ways to do it. What I want is to provoke people. If you want a successful song, all you have to do is rewrite an old song. It could have been proven to work, but you will not be remembered in the same way.

These are the days we have been waiting for. On days like these ... who could ask for more. The days

I travel with a lot of battery packs because I don't always have time to charge my phone in the hotel room when I'm traveling. I always change them, so I never run out of battery.

In fact, I only started listening to house music when I started doing it. I was hooked both to make music and to house music.

I love to click, it's what I do. I love everything that comes with that; It's fun and it's something glamorous.

I've always been a producer, that's how I look first. The DJ was in second place as a way of acting.