The Legend of the Dream Catcher

The Legend of the Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are used in the shamanic medicine, typical of the tribes of American Indians, as instruments of power. Made by tradition in wood, its ring symbolizes the wheel of life and the network are the dreams we have in our time.

This network of yearnings, illusions, dreams of soul and movement that we generate during our daily life, they end up in the center, in the void, where the creative spirit is, the "Great Mystery".

According to cultural tradition, dream catchers they help keep good ideas and pleasant dreams with us and protect us. Bad energies and nightmares would be trapped by the Maya and dissipate in the central hole when the sun rises.


  • 1 What does dream catcher really mean?
  • 2 The Indian Legend of the Dream Catcher
  • 3 How is the dream catcher used and works?

What does dream catcher really mean?

Dreamcatcher comes from the English "dreamcatcher". In the original Ojibwa language, this amulet is called "asabikeshiinh" which means spider, although they also call it "dream stocks". These types of objects were sold by the Ojibwa in the 1960s.

The Ojibwa were criticized by the other tribes for profane in some way its wonderful meaning. This makes sense, because now they are manufactured and sold without attending to the magical process of energization, losing its essence and becoming a mere ornament.

Dream catchers they have several parts: the circle or ring, which represents the cosmos, the 4 cardinal points and the healing wheel. Each cardinal point represents a sector and an associated element. The north is air, the water south, the fire east and the earth west.

The next part as we have commented before is the "Spider web" They represent dreams and that is where the nightmares that are going to pass to the central void through which they disappear are trapped.

The feathers that hang from the hoop are the main energy symbol of the dream catcher and say that they have the same filaments as the aura of the human being. And finally, beads or beads according to personal taste, represent individual power.

Thanks to this, faith in dream catchers has greatly extended during the last years. However, most of us don't know the beautiful legend they offer us. Let's see what it is is beautiful ancestral history.

The Indian Legend of the Dream Catcher

Legend has it that there was a spider woman named Asibikaashi, whose mission was to take care of the people of the earth. She watched over all the creatures of this world, weaving delicate and strong fabrics on the children's beds to catch the evils and make them disappear.

When the town of this spider woman had to scatter throughout North America, it began to be very complicated to watch over all the children, so the same mothers and grandmothers began to have networks with magical properties to catch bad dreams.

They protected their children from nightmares. Bad dreams get tangled in the woven fabric and die with the first rays of daylight. However, good dreams filter and reach us through the feathers.

So, the bad is blocked and destroyed and the good remains with us. There are other people who give it a different meaning, understanding dreams as desires. Therefore, this magical object would serve to achieve all that we propose and yearn for.

The truth is that we cannot ensure that these mystical objects keep away bad dreams or vibrations, but it is found some peace by being in touch with Indian culture, by the magic that it gives off.

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How is the dream catcher used and works?

As usual with all amulets, this must also be customized to adjust as much as possible to each person and favor their evolution. The most important custom regarding the dream catcher is to cut one of the threads of the ring net.

This cut interrupts bad dreams so that they never come true. The feathers can symbolize that sweep the negative like a broom. They are thus used in the rites with the smoke to perform spiritual healing and healing.

The dream catcher must be recharged with positive energy in this way. During the first rays of the sun we must hold it at the level of the heart in front of the sun and close our eyes thinking about the moments of greatest happiness of our life.

Is positive energy will be trapped by the amulet and keep it for years. It is advisable to do this same process about twice a year. Also, we must place them on the bed to protect our dreams and energy.

Dream catchers are due hang on the ceiling of the room, close to the head of the bed, avoiding contact with any object or wall that may prevent freedom of movement and action.

As you see, the dream Catcher they have a lot of history ... and a lot of legend! We hope that this information that we have given you has been of interest and you understand why this element is so important in many parts of the world.