Fetish: Everything you need to know

Fetish: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for information about the fetishism? In that case, you are in the right place. We have created the most complete article so you know everything about it: What is it? Why is it given? It is bad? And much more! We hope you like!


  • 1 What is fetishism?
  • 2 Theories that explain fetishism
  • 3 So ... Isn't it a bad thing?
  • 4 most curious and strange fetishes

What is fetishism?

Fetishism is a paraphilia that is based on the existence of sexual arousal through certain objects, elements or parts of the body. However, devices intended to stimulate sexually (such as vibrators) are not considered fetishes.

A very frequent question is whether fetishism is a disease or a problem. According to current psychiatry, fetishism is only a disease in the event that it is a recurring conduct for 6 months or more and that is necessary to have sexual arousal.

Further, must negatively affect the social or work life of the subject. In the event that you can live a normal life and that fetishism does not affect you negatively, it is not considered a disease, but a manifestation of your sexuality.

What fetishes are the most frequent?

Fetishes are those elements that arouse sexual arousal in the person who is a fetishist. These elements can be very varied, but there are some that are repeated more frequently.

These elements that are repeated are usually underwear (worn or unused), feet, shoes (especially heels), leather, ties, smoking ...

It should be noted that, although these elements may appeal to many people when they are taken or practiced by the sexual partner, the fetishist's case is different: The fetishist is more excited by the object itself than the person carrying that element.

Theories that explain fetishism

Over the years, Many theories have been formulated to explain why fetishism. Here are the two most important ones:

Psychoanalytic theory

Although Freudian psychoanalysis no longer has much weight in psychologyThe truth is that his ideas were revealing in many ways. That is why, still today, their explanations are still valued.

When talking about fetishism, psychoanalytic theory talks about it being a perverse manifestation, getting to consider it the nucleus and common place of all the other paraphilias.

Thus, it is considered that fetishism is a manifestation of the problems that the subject has with the norm. Other manifestations could be voyeurism, sadomasochism or transvestism.

For some other psychoanalysts, such as Piera Aulagnieur, fetishism is a border state of the subject before reaching psychosis. If that barrier is passed, the neurosis is abandoned and psychosis is reached.

Conditioning Theory

Other theories are less "aggressive" towards the subject, and simply explain fetishism as a reaction to a conditioning that existed in childhood. Thus, the origin of fetishism would be found in a casual circumstance in the process of learning and sexual self-knowledge.

Basically, the idea is that some experience during childhood would cause the association between sexual pleasure and a particular object or element, and that relationship would remain until adulthood.

So ... Isn't it a bad thing?

No, it is not. Like virtually any other paraphilia, as long as you don't harm other people or negatively affect yourself, It is not considered to be a disease or a problem that deserves treatment.

In the event that these circumstances do occur, you should go to a sexologist or a psychologist for professional help. But overall, Those circumstances don't happen, so you can rest easy.

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Most curious and strange fetishes

Now, after having clarified all of the above, let's move on to something more curious and fun ... The strangest fetishes known!

  1. Mechanophilia: Macanophiles are people who get excited about machines, such as cars, bicycles or motorcycles (also any type of gadget). The excitement does not come from having relationships in the vehicle itself, but the machine itself excites them.
  2. Ursusagalamatofilia: This fetishism refers to arousal by people who remember an animal (more specifically, by those elements of the person who remember the animal). For example, a very hairy person who remembers a bear.
  3. Salirophilia: The saleofilia refers to the sexual arousal felt before dirt and certain body fluids ... salty. Saliva, urine or sweat would enter the fetishes of a salophile, for example.

As you had occasion to see, fetishism is not necessarily a bad thing, and we all have our little fetishes. As long as it doesn't become pathological, you can enjoy sexuality with the fetishes that you like the most.