Coaching, a profession with a future

Coaching, a profession with a future

It is not strange that it is difficult for us to understand that despite the talent and skills we have, we do not achieve the professional success that we propose, or we see how everything that we have worked for and invested so much effort falls apart.

Faced with such a situation, there are people who get carried away by the complaint and decide to torment their friends, colleagues and family with them. There are also those who decide to seek help from a professional, since they think there must be something that makes them have such bad luck.

Today it has been proven that if you are living a difficult time, or want to start a process of personal or professional change, Coaching makes it easy for you to achieve your goals in a practical, direct and definitive way.

A good coach knows how to structure an adequate guide for the process of change at all times, with bed and security, without reacting badly, he will not interpret or issue a value judgment, he will only attend you, he will accompany you effectively throughout the process. It will guide you so that you yourself realize your thoughts and needs, which will help you in the process of your personal and professional advancement.

Study Coaching for what?

The Coaching As training, it will open the doors to a process of personal transformation, in which we can learn a lot from ourselves.

It greatly improves the quality of life and, above all, the relationship between ourselves and the people around us (family, friends, colleagues, partners ...).

In addition, it helps to improve the management of ourselves, of our emotionality and mental attitude, the way we speak, both verbally and nonverbally, so it could be said that it makes it easier to find a more true meaning in life.

Through training as a Coach, you start the path of personal growth where you acquire resources through new experiences, while maintaining your own learning space. You will be able to learn how to intervene in others and in yourself in a healthy way, thus achieving to become the creator of your own process.

And on a professional level?

Coaching means "training" in English.

The objective of a Professional coachingIt is the personal and business improvement from the internal change of people, through training in social and personal skills.

If you want to make a change in your life and your profession, at any level, developing personal responsibility and with the help of behavior modification, this is the way.

Companies are increasingly clear: the success of these types of programs is an opportunity to get out of the crisis we are currently suffering. You should know that in 2010 the hiring of business coaching increased by 30%.