The pious man

The pious man

The Lord Jesus is a very pious man. It has a small pencil factory and every week it distributes the profits from the first sale among the needy people in its neighborhood. People know it and every Monday they crowd in front of the factory door waiting for Mr. Jesus.

Today, when going out to do the cast he tells them the following: If there were five people less than last week, everyone would receive two more euros. Unfortunately, today there are four more people than last week, so the Lord Jesus tells them: Unfortunately, everyone will receive one euro less than last week.

What were the earnings of the first order this week?


According to the problem data, we can deduce that last week twenty people attended and each received € 6. According to what Jesus says, fifteen people (five less) would have received € 8 each, but in reality they are 4 more than last week (24 in total) for what each received received € 5.

Therefore, the earnings of the first order were 24 × 5 = € 120.