50 reflections and thoughts

50 reflections and thoughts

The best 50 reflections and thoughts on life, love and the world. Do not miss this new collection of Famous Phrases that will make you think.

Reflections and thoughts

When you can't what you want, you have to want what you can. Terencio

It is better to take many small steps in the right direction, than to make a great leap forward to end up falling backwards. Chinese proverb

The experience is like a comb you get, just when you stay bald. Ringo Bonavena

Also the springs and wells are depleted when too much and very frequently extracted from them. Demosthenes

When people are free to do what they want, they usually begin to imitate each other. Francoise Sagan

Life is fascinating: you just have to look at it through the correct glasses. Alexander Dumas

The important thing is not to have many ideas, but the right idea in each case. Juan Zorrilla

There are no passengers on the Earth Spacecraft; We are all crew. Marschall Mcluhan

It is not reasoned with the heart, or is obeyed or broken. P. Rochepedre

The worst of evils is to believe that evils have no remedy. Francisco Cabarrus

The world is a mirror that reflects the image of the observer. William W. Thackerry

The wonderful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from us. B.B. King

The deepest principle of the character of the human being is the desire to be appreciated. William James

Through ignorance we make mistakes, and through mistakes we learn. Roman proverb

Tell me what you truly love, and you will have given me an expression of your life, you love what you live. J. G. Fitche

The behavior is a mirror in which each one shows his image. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What is the point of running when we are on the wrong road? German proverb

The world is not in danger for bad people but for those who allow evil. Einstein

A new world is nothing more than a new way of thinking. Willian C. Willian

Birth and death are not two distinct states, but two aspects of the same state. Gandhi

There is never such a big mistake as not to continue. Jex blake

The heart of a man is a mill wheel that works endlessly; If you start to grind nothing, you run the risk that it will crush itself. Martin Luther King

Desire conquers fear. German Matthew

The longest journey is the one that is made inwards. Hammarskjöld.

Let's fulfill the task of living in such a way that when we die, even the funeral home feels it. Mark Twain

Of all the animals of creation, man is the only one who drinks without being thirsty, eats without being hungry and speaks without having anything to say. John steinbeck

The safest path is the middle one. Ovid

Of men is wrong; of crazy people persist in error. Marco Tulio Cicero

From the one who thinks that money can do everything, one can suspect with foundation that he will be able to do anything for money. Benjamin Franklin

All men are born equal, but it is the last time they are. Abraham Lincoln

A sharp tongue is the only cutting instrument that sharpens more and more with use. Washinton Irvin

Constancy is the virtue by which all others bear fruit. Arturo Graf

Freedom, after all, is nothing but the ability to live with the consequences of the decisions themselves. James Mullen

We should use the past as a springboard and not as a sofa. Harold Macmillan

Who does not understand a look will not understand a long explanation. Arabic proverb

Man is born without teeth, without hair and without illusions. And the same dies: no teeth, no hair and no illusions. Alexander Dumas

Nothing is poison, and everything is poison; The difference is in the dose. Theophrastus Bompart

Love is: the joy of the good, the reflection of the wise, the wonder of the unbelievers. Plato

There is a past that is gone forever, but there is a future that is still ours. F.W. Robertson

The banker is a man who lends us the umbrella when it is sunny and demands it when it starts to rain. Mark Twain

He who lives on hope runs the risk of starving to death. Benjamin Franklin

The experience is something wonderful. It allows us to recognize a mistake every time we make it again. Franklin P. Jones

The most beautiful things are those that inspire madness and write the reason. André Guide

My friend is the one who helps me, not the one who pities me. Thomas Fuller

Ignorance affirms or denies flatly; Science doubts. Voltaire

To make a position in the world, everything possible must be done to make one believe that one already has one. F. De La Rochegocauld

You can trust bad people, they never change. William Faulkner

Man always believes himself to be more than he is, and he estimates himself less than he is worth. Goethe

The best pleasure in life is to do what people tell you that you cannot do. Walter Bagehot

In today's society, if I can't buy I don't exist. Cristina Peri Rossi

There are men that fight one day and are good. There are others that fight for a year and are better. Some fight for many years and are very good. But there are those who fight a lifetime: those are the essential ones. Bertolt Brecht