Matthias check

Matthias check

Matías went to the bank like every Monday morning, to cash his weekly check. This time, the cashier, who had not slept very well at night, was wrong and handed him euros for cents and cents for euros. Matías, he kept the envelope with the money in his pocket without looking at the amount. When he left, he took a penny from the envelope to give it to the poor man on the corner and upon arriving home and checking the money in the envelope, he verified that there was twice the money indicated on the check.

What was the amount of the check?


The amount of the check should be 31 euros and 63 cents. He received € 63.31 from the cashier (euros per cent and cents for euros) and after delivering the penny to the poor he had € 63.26 left, which is double the amount indicated on the check.