Therapy to face the breakdown or love sickness

Therapy to face the breakdown or love sickness

Almost all of us have ever suffered from a disenchantment, and therefore we had to develop more or less ingenious way to try to overcome the sadness, anguish and anxiety That invades us.

While some listen to sad songs, others can destroy those gifts and letters that their sentimental partners gave them in their day, while for others a good drunkenness can make them forget their disappointments. However, it seems that every time he takes a more consistent body, those who wish to repair their anguish, to the couch of a therapist hoping to find healing for his heart.

Recent rumors have been known abounding in the fact that celebrities are increasingly turning to the therapist to try to cure their bad love. Thus, it is rumored that singer Cheryl Cole went to therapy after her husband Ashley Cole cheated on her with another woman.

While the treatments of clinical hypnosis They have been widely used to break and curb addictions such as smoking, drinking or overeating, now it is being used to treat the anguish and heartbreak caused by a breakup.

The hypnotherapist Sovereign Sáez says: "A broken heart means pain, it means that it is about loss, rejections and many emotions. I have worked with many suffering patients who were going through a break at the moment they came to me to try to regain their balance. Emotional: I have dealt with teenagers going through a couple crisis, people going through divorce in the first years of their marriage and also married couples for 20 to 22 years who wanted to face their anguish and eventual divorce. ”

The clinical hypnosis It works as follows: our mind is divided into two parts - the conscious and subconscious mind. While the conscious mind helps us with our daily work and activities, the deepest emotions and experiences penetrate the subconscious mind. The cells of our body store the good and bad experiences in the form of emotions and images. Through hypnosis, we have access to the subconscious mind and can release all stored memories that are related to the former partner. Once we get the person to forgive his ex-partner, then we let him go ... We help patients learn from their experience of anguish and get hypnotherapy to break the emotional bond between the two people.

Talking about why people are resorting to hypnotherapy, is largely explained, with the changing family structure. Before, when people lived as a family, there were older people (our parents or grandparents) who could be used to share all kinds of problems with them.

Today, in the established mononuclear or single parent family, there is no support system, and although parents have become much more progressive, there is a gap between adolescents and young people, who on many occasions do not feel comfortable with their relatives, to express what they feel when a relationship ends.

In addition, people are much more aware that there is an expert who can help them understand themselves and deal with emotional problems, especially heartbreak. It is a sign of a mature individual, who knows that ultimately a professional therapeutic service, is the most appropriate solution to understand and restore the emotional balance lost after a breakup.

Sobe Sáez