Gratitude: A door to positive thinking and feelings of well-being

Gratitude: A door to positive thinking and feelings of well-being

Thank life for what we have, personally, family, work, friendships, etc., for the good things that happen to us, for the new opportunities to be better day by day for our development and evolution, to thank for what we learn day by day helps us focus our thinking on positive, therefore our feelings and emotions are and will be of well-being.

Benefits of gratitude

Gratitude increases illusion, optimism, Faith and hope constantly thanks to all the pleasant emotions.

When we are grateful to life, to the Universe, to the people who give us things, moments and teachings, to ourselves, to our superior power, when we value what we have, to thank for the beautiful, wonderful, good, that exists in our life makes us feel hopeful, with reasons to move forward, we give our life a more pleasant and enriching sense, for example, to thank for the day, the night, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars , water, air, in itself for all nature, we can thank for being able to wake up, get up, breathe, feel, for what we have inside and out, our thoughts are one of many resources we have to do great things, In fact, the most important, the power of our thoughts, depends on each one to develop and train them constructively.

Despite the difficult circumstances we are going through, let's always have positive thoughts, let's see the bright side to life.

The being grateful makes us feel better about ourselves and what surrounds us, we will get used to seeing the good side of things, to think of good solutions rather than difficulties.

Being grateful makes you aware of your present, that is, you value and enjoy your day to day, moment by moment, your life, your Today !!

Gratitude as a habit

Gratitude is a good habit to life that shows the attitude of openness of one who is happy and satisfied in his present and there are many reasons why we should be and feel grateful.

With routine and busy lifemost people forget to thank, let me tell you, it is no reason to stop being a person grateful to life, you can start today to practice thanksWell, being grateful is practiced, You have the ability to learn to be, cultivating this habit every day, starting with small things.

For example:

  • When waking up thank for a new day
  • During the day, thank you for the good that is presented to you.
  • At night, thank you for having a productive day.
  • Thank for the people you met or lived with and who shared or taught you something beautiful, from a smile, a nice word, the greeting, etc.
  • For having arrived well at your destination.
  • For being healthy and alive.
  • For seeing your loved ones again.
  • For being alive another day, but not just any day, but for an authentic, exceptional day.

You can make your list little by little, read it from time to time to feed your thoughts and emotions in a positive wayLikewise, your cells will be in harmony, you will feel better every day and your behavior will be more proactive and happy.

Being able to thank for something, even if it is not a super extraordinary event, will allow you to be and be happier with yourself and everything around you.

It is a good start to thank life for existing, yourself for your achievements and good deeds, thank you for being yourself, it is also a good time to tell the people you want, Thank you for being in my life, I love you, I I appreciate, thanks! 

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