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Couples therapy, before, during or after a crisis?

Couples therapy, before, during or after a crisis?

It is important, good and healthy that every couple communicates in a way efficient / assertive from the beginning of the relationship so that good principles are formed in the relationship.


  • 1 The beginnings of a relationship
  • 2 When the crises begin
  • 3 When the couple separates
  • 4 Topics that are worked in couples therapy

The beginnings of a relationship

Generally, it starts well in a relationship, that is, with respect, communication, trust, when one of these aspects begins to fail for some reason, it is a good time to consider the professional support of a couple therapist, it is healthy and intelligent listen to objective views, since the therapist will not only listen to our complaints or conflicts, but something very important, he will give us and teach various tools, strategies, techniques that will serve us for life as long as we practice them, this to give him a solution approach to difficult situations that we go through as a couple.

Going to couples therapy in the early stages of conflict significantly helps avoid crisis (destructive relationships, separations, mental, emotional, behavioral self-destruction).

When the crises begin

Of course also it is necessary to go to couple therapy when it was already in crisis, when conflicts can no longer be resolved in an objective and healthy way, when we are already hurting ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviorally. You will wonder if it is not too late ?, well ... it depends on how fractured the relationship is, it is up to each one to want to continue and give another opportunity, it depends on wanting to repair the damage together, it is like an exam we went to extraordinary For not having studied concentratedly, if we want to have fun, we must study again, recognize what I need to pay attention to and thus improve my learning. Repeat the exam now with more preparation, with good will and with the expectation of having a good and excellent result.

When the couple separates

However, there is nothing lost in experiencing a process of couples therapy, because, The first and main purpose is to seek and obtain reconciliation and in the other scenario, although it sounds sad, but real is the separation but not any separation, also in therapy we address issues such as forgiveTo forgive ourselves for the damages caused, as well as to thank for all that is good, is a way to close or conclude in a healthy, wise and continue evolving way as human beings.

Issues that are worked in couples therapy

In couples therapy, issues are treated according to the needs of each couple, some of the issues that are addressed in couples therapy, are the following:

  • Infidelity Cases,
  • Sorry,
  • Self esteem,
  • Effective / assertive communication,
  • Techniques to improve the relationship,
  • Where are they now and where do they want to go, how to achieve it, what to do?
  • Individual and couple plans,
  • Make the best of each and as a couple,
  • Detect what the mistakes are and work on it to turn them into strengths,
  • Individual and couple life project,
  • In case of separation, thank for what was lived and shared together,
  • Assertive communication as a couple,
  • Focus on the positive of my partner, on the beautiful, value and thank what he gives me,
  • Hold talks to communicate continuously, connect as people to make strong ties,
  • Project of life in common in couple,
  • Healthy routines, be creative, get to know each other more intimately, good habits together, dare to do different things,

The relationship is like a large company, both are owners of the same company, both have the same hierarchy, same level, same degree.