Acupressure what is it?

Acupressure what is it?


  • 1 What is acupressure
  • 2 How acupressure benefits us
  • 3 Acupressure Zones

What does acupressure consist of

The acupressure It is a Chinese therapy similar to acupuncture or reflexology. In Acupressure we will use, as its name implies, the pressure, in this case of our fingers on different points of the skin to thereby unlock both tension and stress. When we talk about unlocking we are referring to the flow of our vital energy, also called Qi.

How acupressure benefits us

It should be noted that this technique is optimal in any case for those people who are especially busy and rather with stress problems. With it we will achieve a very beneficial state of relaxation to get rid of these tensions both physically and psychically.

Acupressure Zones

If we talk about acupressure areas it is important to write for example our face and head, for example in this case for the treatment of: headache, migraines, migraines, eye strain, cold and even toothache.

We must say that for its application we will proceed to touch different points throughout the body, but if we talk about the face for example if we press over the eyebrow area (Just between them) would help us to treat tensions.

Press on the chin It will serve us for the treatment of disorders derived from menopause.

If you suffer from nausea (due to high tension), lightly press with the thumb in this case between the two bones of the inner face of the forearm, at the height of the waist crease (obviously we have left the face and we refer to the body). Hold your thumb at that point for about a minute and then go to your other arm to perform the same operation.

Well, although we have seen small examples as you can see, it is based on pressure as well as in localized areas. There are many points for different treatments and all really curious and interesting and most importantly beneficial.

David Alvarez Therapist