Brief History of Yoga

Brief History of Yoga

Origin of Yoga

No doubt the Yoga It has history. In fact it has more than 5,000 years of this. It comes from India and today enjoys a worldwide popularity and also with a very good acceptance. Yoga contains many beneficial aspects and one of them is undoubtedly its great philosophy.

You will surely wonder why Yoga is increasingly practiced in the world. Perhaps it will be because among all his contributions he produces a reunion with ourselves. Seeing the famous postures maybe people can confuse it with acrobatics, but nothing is further from reality. It must be said that some positions are somewhat complicated but not impossible.

These positions are called Asanas. The practice of Yoga can be found starting from the infantile world to the adolescent world ending in the adult. That is why in each named case we will find the Asana according to increase the possibilities of body movement.

We can practically say that Yoga is an ancient Hindu doctrine, based on experiences. The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit, the sacred language of Hindus. Said term derived from the root jui, yoke, means union, we find then the unification of body and mind.

Yoga began to be practiced in India a long time ago as we have named. Already in 1200 BC, the Sufis, mystical freethinkers, spread it through what is known as the Far East.

We also found the first writings of Yoga about 2,500 years ago, around 400 a. C. Here we find the famous Hindu PatanJali who authored the work Yoga-Sutra, a classic text.

Types of Yoga

We name different forms of Yoga that are:

H. Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Raja Yoga
Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Gyan Yoga

In another article we will comment on what each of them consists of. And now ... to practice Yoga friends.

"Yoga is a science of transformation and the development of human potential." Swami Digambarananda Saraswati

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