How to strengthen values ​​in young people in this new digital era

How to strengthen values ​​in young people in this new digital era

It has always been a challenge for any parent, to teach their children values ​​so that they become good citizens in society, but now the challenge is even greater because social relationships are carried out on the network, an area difficult to monitor and in which we don't have much power to influence them. So it is very important to mold them from the earliest childhood.


  • 1 The example is the most important
  • 2 Talk with them sincerely
  • 3 Respect is essential
  • 4 Good spelling a forgotten value
  • 5 Being parents is a full time job

The example is the most important

Although setting an example in a digital world is difficult, it is important that we take good care of our behavior on the web. Things that seemed funny to you before may not be very healthy now for your children to see with a simple click on your profile. On the other hand you have to lower the level of aggressiveness and comments raised in tone in any publication of your social networks or pages of forums since it is not healthy for your children to see this.

Talk with them sincerely

If we want to teach our children values ​​in the digital world, we need to do the same in real life, talk to them without omitting details, explain the importance of their future and that of society, acting with education, respect and honesty. in any occasion that occurs, in any place, whether real or virtual, especially when they are small, this type of conversation will be more effective, since we have greater influence.

Respect is fundamental

This is one of the primary values ​​that our children should learn, if there were more parents teaching the importance of respect for their children, more cases of bullying around the world would be avoided, it is very worrying to increase this type of behavior in many countries , which end in tragedy and harm the future of our society.

When children learn to respect people and tolerate race diversity, creed diversity, respect the way they dress, act and talk about others, it is much easier for these children to show such behavior on the Internet and take Well with other children who need support and consideration from their peers.

Good spelling a forgotten value

Many parents reinforce great values ​​in their children such as responsibility, patience, gratitude, generosity, perseverance, etc. However, even though they teach them to write at school, it seems that everything is forgotten on the Internet. The index of spelling errors in instant messages and posts on social networks has been increasing more and more. As parents, we must ensure the future of our children by making them understand the importance of writing and working correctly, so it is best to put them to read more often entertaining and educational literature.

Being parents is a full time job

Entertaining your child with fun games and words can generate a sea of ​​smiles, but making your children happy is not your only duty. Teaching them values ​​with your example and your words is essential.

Catalina Lopez Zuluaga