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Rubik's pieces

Rubik's pieces

A Rubik cube has 26 visible pieces. 6 pieces in the center of each face with a single color, 8 pieces in each corner with 3 colors each and 12 pieces of two colors each.

I have a bag with all the loose pieces of three colors next to those of one color and in another bag I have the pieces of two colors loose.

An innocent hand takes a piece out of the bag of your choice and if the piece is yellow you win a prize.

What bag would you choose?


In the first bag there are 5 yellow pieces on a total of 14 and in the second there are 4 yellow pieces on a total of 12. Therefore, the probability of taking out a yellow piece in the first bag is 5/14 and in the second is 1/3.

Since 5/14 is greater than 1/3 I choose bag one.

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