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The sheikh's will

The sheikh's will

In his will, the sheikh ordered his camels to be distributed among his three children as follows: half for the firstborn, a quarter for the second child and a sixth for the youngest.

But it turns out that when he died, the sheikh had only eleven camels, which made the cast really difficult, since it was not a matter of cutting any animals. The three brothers were arguing, when they saw an old Bedouin arrive famous for his wisdom riding his camel. They decided to ask for advice and after a few minutes of reflection he told them:

- Take my camel, make the cast and don't worry that I will lose nothing in the operation.

What is the Bedouin based on to affirm such a thing?


The Bedouin gives his camel to the children of the sheikh with what they will have twelve to distribute. The firstborn son receives half (6 camels), the second a quarter (3 camels) and the third the sixth part (2 camels). How 6 3 and 2 total 11, the Bedouin will recover his camel and everyone is happy.