Geena's age

Geena's age

On one occasion, when they asked actress Geena Davis about her age, she answered the following:

  1. I am the same age I was at birth plus the years since then.
  2. When my niece is the same age as I am now, our ages together will add 142 years.
  3. I am twice as old as I was when my age was half of what I am now.
  4. I am eleven years older than when I was the same age as now with a cousin of mine who is eleven years younger than me.
  5. When my nephew is the age I am now, our ages together will add 133 years.
  6. I am two years older than a friend of mine who is two years younger than a cousin of his age.
  7. I am four times how old my nephew was when I was how old he is now.

How old is Geena Davis?


We have enough with affirmations 5 and 7 to solve the problem

If we call G like Geena's age and S at the age of the nephew, we get the following equations:

133 = G + G + G - S
4 * (S - (G - S)) = G

two variables with two equations ... that when stirring gives us G = 56 years old.