Chicken and quail eggs

Chicken and quail eggs

A seller has before him six baskets with eggs. Each has eggs of a kind, chicken or quail. Each basket has a label that indicates the number of eggs it contains: 6, 15, 29, 12, 14 and 23. The seller says, pointing to a basket that is not right to see what it is: “If I sell this basket, I will keep twice as many chicken eggs as quail ”

What basket are you talking about?


In total the seller has 99 eggs, which is a multiple number of 3 and therefore, can be separated by a third on one side, and two thirds on the other (two thirds are double a third). To keep "twice as many chicken eggs as quail" must be looking at a basket in which the number of eggs is a multiple of 3, otherwise the total number of eggs remaining would cease to be a multiple of 3 In this way we discard baskets 29, 23 and 14. You must be looking at one of the remaining three and observing the numbers of eggs in the baskets we see that:

15 + 14 is 29, that there is a basket of 29 eggs And that 23 + 6 is 29.

Must be looking at the basket that has 12 eggs.