The matrioskas problem

The matrioskas problem

We have 6 Russian dolls or matrioskas of those that can be introduced into each other. The largest weighs 150 grams, then there are two smaller peers that weigh 100 grams each, another smaller one that weighs 75 grams, an even smaller one that weighs 50 grams and finally the smallest of 25 grams.

They are placed inside each other in two groups so that we see a single doll on each plate of a balance that is kept in balance.

Could you say how the figures are distributed on each plate of the scale?


In one of the plates of the balance we have the 100 gram doll inside which we have the 75 gram doll which in turn contains the 50 gram one and which in turn contains the 25 gram one. On the other plate of the scale we have the 150 gram doll that contains the other 100 gram doll. In total we have 250 grams on each plate of the scale and we only see one doll on each side.