Sleep Texting and its implications

Sleep Texting and its implications

Surely you've ever heard that some people, despite being completely asleep, get to talk, walk and even eat just as if they were awake. What we find most strange is that they can also write with their mobile phones. This is not so crazy if we understand how much we have become accustomed in the last decade to write daily through these devices. So much so that some people get to do it completely unconsciously. This behavior, although not very common, is achieved in the same way as others parasomnias, behavioral disorders that occur during sleep without significant disruption.


  • 1 An investigation in this regard
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An investigation in this regard

According to a study by the University of Villanova, this type of parasomnia is a trend among young adults and adolescents. The article about it published in Journal of American College Health and titled “Interrupted Dream: University students sleeping with technology,” states that more and more young people sleeping near their phones send text messages They don't remember when they wake up.

According to the author of the study Elizabeth B. Dowdell, these messages usually occur when you hear an external stimulus such as the telephone ringing or buzzing. This causes the person who is completely asleep, tends to reach his phone and return the message, usually writing incoherent information. In addition, according to the author, listening to the noise of the phone produces a sense of well-being in people despite sleeping.

In the investigation, 372 students with an average age of 19 years were interviewed, all of them owners of a mobile phone. 93% of these said they sleep near their mobile at night. Of all the students, a third claimed to have answered calls while they were asleep and 25% admitted to having written messages on occasion while they were sleeping. One interviewee even claimed to wear gloves to prevent this behavior, for fear of sending messages unconsciously.

* In the image we can see an example of sleep texting that translated into Spanish, would be something like: “I think you should not worry about the plumber today. Do something natural. Ciao ”…” What ?? I've written that text sleeping !! ”

What are the implications of Sleep Texting?

Beyond the inconvenience of sending messages unintentionally, it seems that the contents of these tend to be more absurd than compromising, therefore, the only inconvenience that people suffering from sleep texting in relation to these messages said they feel is the sense of ridiculous I accompanied them when they read the texts sent.

However, what sleep texting can affect, is a lack of sleep quality. During the aforementioned study, most of the students who carried out this nocturnal behavior felt tired during the day and their sleeping hours did not rise from 6 to 7 hours at night.

According to Dowdell, the lack of sleep that people who suffer from this parasomnia have causes concentration problems, impaired reaction times, memory and emotional balance.

How can we prevent sleep texting?

In the words of Dr. Alison Kole, sleep specialist: “We have become a society extremely attached to our smartphones. Being always in front of the constant bright light, constantly exposed to our mobile phones, encourages sleep disruptions. ” How can we prevent this? ... As you can imagine, turning off the mobile phone at night would be a good start.

According to Dowdell "If technology is interfering with your dream, it is good to control it." Thus Turning off the sound of the smartphone or placing it away from our bed would prevent this type of behavior that can make us more tired during the day and less calm about the amount and type of incoherent ideas that we have been able to express to our friends. If despite this, you still feel tired having slept enough hours or suffer from some of the consequences listed above as lack of concentration, energy and motivation, as well as inability to maintain a consistent and adequate sleep schedule, it may be necessary to go to a Professional sleep specialist to rule out other problems at bedtime and get a better rest.

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