What to do when discovering that your child is a cyberbullying?

What to do when discovering that your child is a cyberbullying?

The cyberbullying It usually occurs in adolescence, at the age at which high school studies are usually taken. Instead of playing in the park or getting funny motorbikes, teenagers spend hours using email, social networks and messages to harass and harm some of their contemporaries.

It is estimated that one in four teenagers is or has been a victim of this practice which is increasingly extended, as it is easier to access the Internet and social networks. The most worrying fact of all is that, after conducting several studies in which a large number of students have been interviewed, it is estimated that one in six have practiced cyberbullying against one of their classmates.

Given these data, it is inevitable to ask whether our children may be victims of this type of cyber attack, but it is also possible that our children are the cyberbullies and they are hurting some of their classmates. If your child is involved in any activity related to cyberbullying it is important to detect it and find a solution.


  • 1 Why might my child be cyberbullying?
  • 2 How to know if my child does cyberbullying?
  • 3 How do I stop my child from cyberbullying?

Why could my son be cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is one more way through which children and adolescents test their limits and learn to make their way into the world through social interaction. Some of the reasons why the child may fall into cyberbullying are:

  • have been victims of this kind of harassment themselves
  • receive group pressures
  • think that these types of behaviors are more fun for your friends
  • want to take revenge on someone

Since the section of their brains that controls impulses and judgment is still developing, Children do not always understand to what extent their attitude can have serious consequences for the future, both for the people they attack and for themselves.

How to know if my son does cyberbullying?

Changes in some behaviors can be indicators to determine if your child is involved in any activity related to the cyberbullying. Some of these changes include:

  • Aggressive and challenging attitude in a child who is usually cheerful
  • An almost obsessive need to use the computer or the smartphone
  • Be unwilling to share your activities on the Internet with you
  • Changes in sleep patterns or eating habits
  • Problems at school, with homework and lack of attention in class
  • Discover that you have multiple profiles or email addresses

Inquiring about the child's activities on the Internet can provide more clues that help you determine if you are using technology incorrectly and are doing cyberbullying on someone.

How do I stop my child from cyberbullying?

Discover that your son is a cyberbully It is not easy, it will require a lot of time and many conversations in which you will need to be patient. Knowing that your child is involved with this type of action can be very difficult, especially if you were a victim of similar attitudes at some time during your childhood or adolescence. In those cases it is important that you try to leave the feelings that that produces to you outside the environment in which you will work with your child to cease those activities. Here are some tips that can help you start dealing with this problem:

  • Ask your son issues of various subjects in different environments in which he feels comfortable to speak. In the first moment facing him can make him close completely, which will make it more difficult to face the problem.
  • Contact the school or institute where your child studies. Meet with your tutor or the institution's psychologist or counselor to discuss what you have discovered and to help you discuss this issue with your child.
  • Seek advice and help for your child. Also get involved in the whole process from the beginning with the whole family so that your child feels supported and so you can also work on what is more difficult to manage when you deal with the problem.
  • Install some parental control application on electronic devices that your child has access to. There are control tools that will allow you to track your child's online behavior at all times, including text messages, Internet searches, social media profiles and your e-mail. You can also limit the connection time of the different devices.

Until the situation is resolved, a measure that is advised is that of keep all electronic devices with Internet access together and in the sight of parentsAt least as long as they do not decide what the consequences will be for the child and do not begin to make progress in changing their attitude towards the child. cyberbullying.

Facing a situation like this is a great challenge from which the family will be more united and strengthened, but the road will be long and difficult. It is very important to always remember that parents are the guides of our children and that We must be very attentive to the possibility that our children fall into attitudes that are harmful to them and their environment., to help them out of it and avoid major problems.

Andrés Felipe García

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