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What to do when you get bored?

What to do when you get bored?

You're bored? Because you want to! In this post we will give you solutions to end boredom right now. In addition, you will also have strategies to avoid getting to the point that being bored is a problem for you.

Strategies to avoid boredom

The first thing you should be clear about is that Boredom is within you. It is not only a response to the lack of external stimuli, but it is also a way of calling attention to the lack of inner life you are having.

So that this doesn't happen to you anymore, The first thing we advise you is to be proactive. Do not wait for plans or ideas to come to you, but you must be able to create your own fun moments. To do this, nothing like taking pencil and paper and creating a list of topics that you like.

When you have moments when you feel boredom invades you, use that list to avoid it. You can learn something new about these issues, make a new plan, meet people who like those same issues ... the list of possibilities is immense.

Besides that, it always comes in handy Stimulate your creativity. If you like to sing, paint, write or anything else, do not hesitate to get down to work before boredom takes over you.

And if none of that is good for you, but you have fun, you just have to learn and practice so that you are doing better. Also, doing it for simple fun is always better than not doing it and being bored, don't you think?

All this gives you some Ideas to avoid boredom. If other than that you want to have a list to know what to do when you get bored, here is the best list you can find on the net:

List of things you can do when you're bored

  • Research your family tree: Do you know how far your family tree goes? where are you comming from? Nowadays it is easy to find a lot of information about it on the internet. Looking for it can be a very motivating task and with a surprising end.
  • Search for lost sites with Google Earth: Right now we have the possibility to see any small corner of the world with just a couple of clicks. The Asian fauna or the Caribbean beaches, the skyscrapers of New York or a lost town in Africa ... everything you want, on your screen.
  • Get organized: Boredom moments are ideal for planning your week, setting long-term goals or goals that you want to reach sooner or later.
  • Order your closet: Surely, if you got up right now and started to fold and tidy the clothes in your closet, there would be a lot more and it would be better stored. A way to kill boredom by doing something useful.
  • Relax: Another good idea is to look for a video about relaxation, turn down the light in the room and dedicate yourself to relaxing and meditating for a few minutes. Surely it suits you and you find it useful.
  • Do puzzles: The puzzles are highly relaxing, entertaining and even addictive. If you buy a puzzle of many pieces, you can be entertained for a good time. And not only that, but you can create true works of art to decorate your home.
  • Record a video: What are you passionate about? What do you know how to talk about? Surely if you make a good video right now tomorrow you will feel like doing more. It is a very motivating activity. Who knows if you will be the new fashion Youtuber.
  • Create a diary: You can start writing a diary in which to leave your thoughts right now. If you have a very rich inner life, this can help you sort your thoughts. When you read it after a while you will take more than one surprise.
  • Learn juggling: You don't need more than balloons, a little rice and patience. It won't take you long to improve and start juggling with 3 balls. If you are able to do them with 4, we will be facing a juggling crack.
  • Enter a forum: Although they are no longer as fashionable as a decade ago, it is still a good idea to enter a forum and chat with different people. Surely some of them were as bored as you.
  • Do something for others: If you have nothing to do, one of the best ways to end boredom is to do something for others. Think about your family first, you can surely help them with something. And there are always organizations willing to receive volunteers who want to contribute.

Any of these activities can save you a day full of boredom. Start doing any of them right now, and don't forget to follow the strategies so that being bored is not common. You have fun at your fingertips.