What is anhedonia?

What is anhedonia?

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What is the Anhedonia? When it occurs? Is anhedonia the same as depression or sadness? Anhedonia is the inability to enjoy the activities of daily life, of the things that we liked before and made us feel pleasure.

Pleasure, according to the ancient Greek philosopher and party animal, Epicurus, is the beginning and the end of living with happiness.

But what if you can't feel pleasure? For those people who suffer from anhedonia, the joy of a first kiss, the deep satisfaction of solving a puzzle or the warmth of listening to a favorite song are sensations that only other people can experience.

Reduced to its most basic principles, pleasure is the feeling we have that drives us to seek a stimulus.

The ability of our brain to feel pleasure serves as a significant control mechanism to unite in social groups and to help us reinforce certain positive behaviors.

In strict terms, anhedonia can be described as a feeling of emotional apathy which often leads to the loss of a desire for physical intimacy, difficulty adapting to social situations or complete withdrawal.

Considered more as a symptom than as a disease, the effects can be debilitating, with implications that go beyond the ability to live happily. So it is a term that It is not synonymous with depression as a disorder

The psychologist Xevi Molas clarifies everything in this interesting video.

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