Holidays: biological or psychosocial need?

Holidays: biological or psychosocial need?

It is reliably proven that the sleep is essential in any species of animal life. In man, the hours of spontaneous sleep must exceed a minimum of 4 or 5 hours every 24 hours because otherwise there will be symptoms due to sleep deficit (e.g. stress), being ideal for an adult to get to sleep 8 hours a day .

The human organism has an activity that is not constant throughout the day, calling this alternation of sleep and wakefulness compatible with life "circadian or nictameral rhythm." During waking hours there is an activation psychosomatic, while during sleep hours there is a deactivation that allows rest.

The dream has a reparative capacity throughout the 5 phases through which it goes through, both of the energy reserves linked to muscle fatigue and those of mental fatigue.

In recent years, and in particular the inhabitant of urban conglomerates, it would seem to grant more important to the annual rest period, that is to say the holidays, than to the night rest. It is then worth asking whether they respond to a biological or psychological need. And there is no doubt that vacations constitute psychosocial needs.

Let's analyze the term "vacation." Latin drift vacatio-thionis what does it mean "suspension of business or work for some time. Time that the cessation of work lasts. Action of vacating a job or position."

Given their origin in industrial societies of the twentieth century, they constitute a socio-economic phenomenon. It has to do with vacations paid annually, "to vast nuclei of the working population and the tertiary sector", the progress in the means of transport; the accelerated process of deterioration of living conditions in large cities (environmental pollution, noise, etc.); the hardening of working conditions; the growing demand to increase consumer goods that force men to multiply their efforts in order to obtain more resources, etc.

Therefore, we have to think that vacations are a necessity created and imposed by the society that has also generated the tourism industry around it

Accepting the almost equalization of this sociological "need" to vacation with other psychobiological types such as sleeping as an unavoidable fact, it will be necessary to resignify the importance of leisure time in the human being as the one that most resembles the game in the child. Just as the child elaborates his frustrations in the inexhaustible repetition of his games, the adult uses his free time to give free rein to his imagination, thus being able not only to elaborate the “annual” frustrations but also making that time creative to recover himself your most precious emotional bonds.

It is in the free time that the human being elaborates projects that have to do with the meaning that he wants to give his life; He rests and dreams of the utopias that he will try to catch throughout the year in an effort to materialize his desires ... And after them he will return and "he will earn his bread with the sweat of his forehead."

Iris Pugliese
Degree in Psychology