Activities for children to do on vacation

Activities for children to do on vacation

The holidays they are the opportunity to rest, that does not mean being without doing anything, it implies a change of routine. In children it is an excellent opportunity for them to enjoy several moments with more availability of time and energy.


  • 1 Basic rules
  • 2 Exercise your brain with reading
  • 3 Exercise your body to acquire discipline
  • 4 Let your child share as a family

Basic rules

Some parents tend to think that on vacation you have to allow flexibility in your child's routines, It is important to review and apply since the child starts school the following rules so that there is quality time for everything:

  • Will be fixed fixed schedules (negotiable with the child) for sedentary activities like: watch TV, surf the Internet, etc. This will be done only once a day and under the supervision of a responsible adult.
  • If you want perform some activity that is pleasant and satisfactory (eg go to the movies, play in the park, travel somewhere, another) this will be evaluated by parents according to their behavior during the week.
  • Will be dedicated 1 hour a day to carry out an activity that allows strengthening study habits and / or knowledge of some subject that shows some difficulty.

These rules they are not raised as an imposition, but on the contrary both parents (or guardians in charge of the minor), will discuss them if there is any adjustment to be made and then they will socialize in the simplest and most comprehensible way possible with their child.

Next we will talk about what are the recommended activities for your child to do during the holiday season, which will bring him some benefit at the level of his psychological development.

Exercise your brain with reading

Sadly on holidays, parents forget that Your children's brain should continue to exercise like any muscle in the body, so that when you return to school you do not show fatigue or fatigue when performing any task that is related to reading. The way to do it is according to the age of their child, that is, most parents choose to read them a story before sleeping at night; others when the child is over 7 years of age they look for children's books according to their interests.

The key in this case is that they read, initially it can be about 5 pages and later when it grows it can be increased to a chapter or more. This promotes logical reasoning, problem solving and decision making; In addition to developing aspects such as imagination and creativity.

Exercise your body to acquire discipline

It is important to consider physical activity within activities for your child to perform on vacation. According to the age of your child and his motor skills specifically enroll him in some sporting activity, in some countries they call them “summer courses”, the most advisable thing in these cases is that it be a sports discipline that involves contact with other children your age, which will allow your child to develop social skills as: emotional intelligence, teamwork, among others.

Apart from this, you will facilitate the acquisition of individual skills such as: ability to analyze, reason, balance, work under pressure, tolerance for frustration and discipline. If you take a good note of all the benefits that your child acquires when practicing a sport on vacation, they can be generalized later in other spaces that involve contact with others, even generating so much interest that he wishes to continue practicing sport when he enters classes again.

Let your child share as a family

Sometimes there are parents that when they are told that one of the activities for their child to do on vacation is to share with the family, they express phrases like "You can't because I'm not on vacation and we can't go on a trip." However, we forget that They all live in the same space, which means they can be shared as a family even without leaving home. Ex: watching a movie, playing a board game, cooking together, painting, playing hide and seek, among many other games that exist.

If you, as a father or mother, are working while your child is on vacation, take advantage of that time to take him to share quality time with other close and trusted family members. Sadly With the development of technology children are growing up with the belief that vacations are to be alone at home, watching TV or using internet without control Some and that is when problems arise.

In conclusion…

Holidays are synonymous with change, let our sons and daughters learn the true meaning of healthy enjoyment. Remember that As parents we must promote their psychological development in children at all times!