The reception process for success in the selection of personnel

The reception process for success in the selection of personnel

Today there is fierce competition in the market, which makes companies need to recruit the best possible candidates to perform the tasks that the organization demands.

For this, which is an art, the classic process of staff pick with its curricular screening phases, previous interviews, reports, reception, trial period and definitive incorporation. However, there is a phase of the process that is not usually given the attention it usually needs in practice, and which is undoubtedly very important to achieve the optimum performance of the candidate in his position. We talked about the reception process of the new employee.

The reception process will help the new worker to adapt better to his new job, and to have an easier learning and consolidate better and help the organization to make the employee perform an effective job as soon as possible and start generating benefits to the organization, because a good reception plan will be a win-win relationship for both, that we should not neglect or leave to chance, the most appropriate would be to design and standardize it as well as evaluate and improve it continuously.

Do you want to see how a good reception process would be? Keep reading.

Phases of the reception process

The key to the success of the reception process and the organization to obtain benefits from it is to generate an environment of trust, an environment that makes the new employee form part of the projects, encourages their participation in them, and allows provide ideas by making the novel employee feel in an environment of respect and trust.

The sections that said plan should have to be successful would be:

Introduction to the organization

In this section you should see some information about the organization, its history, its objectives, its philosophy, the activities it carries out and where, contact persons and where they are located... This will make the employee know what the company is, and what is its general way of working and moving, as well as its ethics and values. A small tour of the company would also be adequate to get the employee to know the organization well.

Creation of a reception manual

A reception manual will greatly facilitate the incorporation to the employee, since on its first day it is likely that the tension and anxiety you feel for facing a new environment makes it impossible for you to attend as it is due to all aspects and assimilate all this new information, so the creation of a small reception manual that explains the above and has the data in writing so that the employee can review it quietly would be optimal. In addition, in the company reception manual, additional information can be included, for example, if the company has benefits for workers, such as agreements with gyms, restaurant checks ... In this way the employee will have all the information at hand, especially the contacts, for when you need to consult them.

Departmental Reception

The employee will have an assigned position and a function within a department of the organization, it is recommended that this section imply that he will be his most direct boss, this person will be responsible for formally introducing new employees and their colleagues, from explain the functions that each performs, and the dynamics of the department (communication channels between employees, break-time, if a small celebration is held as a birthday ...), as well as explain in detail where you will be located to perform your work, the tools you have, and how it is recommended that you perform your functions for an optimal result. Also, if it is considered appropriate, giving a short written guide with the most relevant information would be appropriate for the employee to review when he is calmer.

Specific training

It is very important that some are planned and carried out training sessions adapted to each positionAlthough the employee has enough experience, each company may have particular methods of working, making the new worker know them and verifying that they are mastered is very important to ensure that the worker adapts correctly to the organization. Delivering a guide with procedures in this phase is also highly recommended, since if the worker has doubts in any process while doing the work, he can always consult the guide and make sure he is doing it correctly.

Inform peers

This phase although it may seem like a bullshit is very important so that the worker integrates correctly, it is good that the whole organization knows as much as possible the new employee, and what is dedicated, as well as the fact that it is new to help you integrate and know the informal aspects of the organization (hangouts, communication channels, ...) also if possible it would be very appropriate to conduct a small ceremony of Welcome to the new partner, where this is officially presented in the organization, this will allow the worker to meet the rest of the employees, and that they know him, outside of what is the work environment itself in a more relaxed and less influenced by the stress of work, which will help to make mostly positive social interactions.

Evaluation and improvement

By last, evaluate the reception plan It is very important for this reason, several days after the conclusion of this process, to evaluate it is vital, since it will help us improve the reception plan and make it more effective by incorporating solutions for the unforeseen problems that a new employee faces.

So we can conclude that having An effective and realistic reception plan can make a difference in the selection of people as it will generate a warm and trustworthy environment for the new employee that will lead him to give his full work potential as soon as possible, generating returns to the organization and having less frustrating experiences in the organization that will undoubtedly help to retain talent in it.