Reflections: Basic Learning for Life

Reflections: Basic Learning for Life


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1st Reflection

The passion to live

In life there are countless things that can be done; However, the important thing is not that we think them, but that we decide to act to achieve them. It is very likely that our idea at the moment is not the most appropriate or the most convenient; nevertheless, we will have the magnificent opportunity to improve it on the reality of its application and not only in the thinking of our imagination.

From the moment we decide to act, the obstacles will fall and our dreams will be realized.

My friend, how about we start our dreams by adding to our effort a great dose of passion, vehemence and love in everything we do every day.

  • Passion to wake up in the morning, giving thanks to life for having a new opportunity to live every day.
  • Passion for my work, since this allows me to fully develop my potential, facing new challenges and challenges every day.
  • Passion for study, it is the only way to grow and be better.
  • Passion for change; It is the essence of living.
  • Passion for my partner, companion of my adventure.
  • Passion for my children, seed of our future.
  • Passion for my friends, confident of my fears and my desires.
  • Passion for my country, fertile land that dignifies me, giving me the opportunity to serve.

That little ingredient called passion, which makes the big difference between the amateur and the professional, between the mediocre and the winner, between the common being and the excellent being.

Gabriela Mistral notes in a poem: "how sad the world would be if everything was done in it, if there were no rosebush to plant, an adventure to undertake ... do not fall into the error of believing that only merit is done with great works".

Add to every idea, every task and every moment, however small, the ingredient of passion and there will be no minor company in your life ... only great achievements of your being ...

2nd Reflection

A man was putting flowers on a relative's grave, when he sees a Chinese putting a bowl of rice on the neighboring grave. The man addresses the Chinese and asks:

  • Excuse me, sir, but do you think the deceased will really come to eat the rice?
  • Yes, the Chinese responds, when his comes to smell his flowers ...


Respect the other's options, is one of the greatest virtues that a human being can have. People are different, act different and think different. Don't judge, just try to understand.

How many times we have not fallen into the trap of not listening, of judging unfairly ... Let's reflect.

3rd Reflection

Positive thoughts

  • Never compare yourself with anyone, neither in your favor nor against; each one receives from life what he has deserved and reaps what he has sown.
  • Orient yourself to achieve the best of yourself and your life; each one has a different mission to fulfill and what makes some happy may be unhappiness for others; focus only on your advantages and benefits.
  • Do not be sad, do not hurry, do not be distressed or depressed for having made a mistake, take it positively and consider it an apprenticeship, an important lesson.
  • The serious thing is not wrong, the delicate thing is to continue making the same mistake, analyze yourself, find yourself, think about where your mistake was and try to remedy it; In this way, each mistake will become a step forward and a positive lesson.
  • The people around you, your family, your partners, your friends, clients and acquaintances, will not love you more and will not remember you better for what you have, but for being who you ARE and for the things you do and say. Try to improve internally and find out what you do by and for others; These are the things that will deserve prestige, respect and acceptance.
  • Focus your problems, your worries and your anguish from the point of view of what you can do to overcome them and not from what they can do to destroy and bitter your life. Undoubtedly you are more, you can more and you are worth much more than you are concerned; Do not devote yourself to distress, dedicate your best efforts to solutions.
  • Try to be THE BEST PERSON in what you do, strive for excellence in what you do, in your studies and in your family, work and personal relationships, no matter what you do; any job and any activity will be worthy and will provide you with growth if you try to do your best by demanding yourself. Search your own level of excellence.

4th Reflection

Your life can take one of two ways. Succeed or be defeated

You are the architect of your life. The only way to get ahead in life is not to blame others for what happens.

You are the architect of your life. And if life has not been very favorable for you until now, the future may change and it depends especially on you. If you have had many failures, you are in an excellent position to start a new life, because you are an expert in knowing how things should not be done.

When you know what is wrong, you will not repeat it in the future and you will get closer and closer to success. It is your decision which path to take and you have the same opportunity to follow one or the other path. The way to take the path of triumph is ... stop blaming others! Take your own responsibility and turn towards a positive and constructive mental attitude.

Remove the "if it wasn't for ...":

"If it wasn't for my parents I would have done ..."
"If it weren't for this problem, I would be ..."
"If I had money ..."
"If they considered me in the office ..."

Nothing solves blaming others. If things happened, it is largely your responsibility. Assume it and your life will change.

5th Reflection

Assembly in the carpentry

Original Author: Emilio Santamaría S. Director of Dale Carnegie Training in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

They say that in the carpentry there was once a strange assembly. It was a tool meeting to fix their differences. The hammer held the presidency. But the assembly notified him that he had to resign. The cause? It made too much noise! And besides, he spent his time hitting.

The hammer accepted his guilt, but asked that the garlopa be expelled as well. Why? He did all his work on the surface. I never had depth in anything.

The garlopa accepted in turn, but requested the expulsion of the screw. He argued that it had to be turned around so that it would finally serve as something.

Before the attack, the screw also accepted. But in turn he asked for the expulsion of sandpaper. He showed that he was very rough in his dealings and that he always had friction with others.

And the sandpaper agreed, provided that the meter was expelled, that it was always passed by measuring others with their measurement, as if it were the only perfect one.

In that the carpenter entered, put on his apron and went to the bank to start his work. He used the hammer, the garlopa, the sandpaper, the meter and the screw. Finally the rough initial wood became a nice piece of furniture.

When the carpentry was alone again, the assembly resumed the deliberation, it was then that the saw saw the word and said “Gentlemen, it has been shown that we will have many defects, but the carpenter works with our qualities. That's what makes us valuable. So let's not think more about our bad points and concentrate on the usefulness of our good points. ”The assembly then found that the hammer was strong, blunt, the soft, effective garlopa. They realized that the hammer had the ability to unite and give strength, and the sandpaper was special for sharpening situations and filing rough edges. And they observed that the subway was accurate and accurate.

They felt then a team capable of helping to produce quality furniture.

They felt proud of their strengths, and of being able to work together.

It occurs the same with human beings? Look around and you will check. When in a company, or a home, or in a meeting, group or relationship, its members spend their time looking for defects in others, the situation becomes dense and negative. And it threatens in the long run with its dissolution.

Instead when energies are positively focused to find their best individual valuesWhen we sincerely try to perceive the strengths of others, that is where the best human achievements flourish.

And it is that in truth, our contribution to any group will be in relation to our qualities. That is a good reason to strive to find qualities in others.

Do not let them go out with someone who has no quality. If this happened, the evil would not be in the analyzed person, because it is impossible for a human being to irretrievably lack values. The problem will then be that those who deny seeing qualities have become so negative that they are unable to see the good in others.

Will you make the effort tomorrow to use this successful technique?

THE NEGATIVE: Looking forward to the defects of others.
THE POSITIVE: Focus on the qualities of those around us.