Noam Chomsky and his work

Noam Chomsky and his work

Noam Chomsky is considered one of the most important contemporary thinkers. East philosopher, activist and political scientist It is one of the key figures of current linguistics. Let's see better who he is and the importance of his work. Only for restless minds!


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  • 2 Chomsky's work
  • 3 The theory of language

Who is Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky He was born in Philadelphia in 1928. He is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his thinking is considered key to understand and understand today's society.

This philosopher is also a political activist and has been characterized above all by his strong criticism of American capitalism and foreign policy that is carried out from the United States.

Among his many achievements and studies is the theory of language development, which was essential to establish the foundations of current lines of research in the field of cognitive science.

His leftist thinking is very reflected in his work, especially in one of them: Reasons for anarchy. In this book, this thinker explains the reason for the great economic and political problems and how they should be solved from a collective point of view.

Chomsky's work

Chomsky's work is very extensive and multidisciplinary. This philosopher and thinker has developed multiple theories and studies in different fields that affect society to a greater or lesser extent.

One of the areas to which he has contributed most with his studies and with his thinking is the field of linguistics, since it is primarily dedicated to her. However, philosophy, developmental psychology and political analysis They are also very important to understand your work and your thinking.

Delving into the reading of one of his most important books is highly recommended to get to know this philosopher better and understand his thinking. One of them is Fear of democracy, in which Chomsky analyzes the propaganda style that is carried out from the United States and the impact it has on the thinking of society.

Another of the very interesting books of this author is How the world works, which offers an overview of how major changes are directed at the planetary level and the great cultural transformations that have occurred recently.

The book On power and ideology It is also very interesting to understand how these factors are determining in our way of understanding the world. This is a book that includes lectures on two trends that characterize us

These are the fact of generating provisional beliefs and theories about reality based on very little information, while there is a tendency to reject obvious data with which we frequently collide.

Illusionists It is another of the most outstanding books of this philosopher. It explains what their concerns are about the obstacles so that a scenario can be developed in which people can live on equal rights.

Among them are the large business networks that run the countries from the shadow, lobbies and many other figures that influence the operation of the system within a globalized world.

In addition to these works, those who want to approach Chomsky's thought for the first time can opt for the essential Chomsky work, where texts of this philosopher are collected and in which they can know the basics of your thinking in relation to various topics.

Language theory

But without any doubt, one of Chomsky's great lines of research and the field in which he has contributed most to his work and study is language. He has done this especially through his language theory.

The starting point of these investigations is as follows: children are born with an innate ability to speak. They are able to learn and assimilate communicative and linguistic structures, and all languages ​​have common characteristics in their own structure.

From there, the teacher deduces that language acquisition during childhood it happens because we humans have a capacity to recognize and assimilate the basic structure That is given to us.

The human language It allows us to express our ideas, information and also our emotions. It is, therefore, a social construction that is constantly evolving.

In order for the child to be able to learn language during his childhood, Chomsky determines that all people possess the language acquisition device in our brain, which allows us learn the rules that constitute such language.

As you may have seen, Noam Chomsky's work brings many ideas to better understand our current society. Knowing it and researching the ideas and research carried out by this intellectual is a good way to better understand our world.