Is squirting the same as female ejaculation?

Is squirting the same as female ejaculation?

Although they are two terms that are often confused, it is known by different investigations that they are two different phenomena; while the female ejaculation it is the release of a whitish, thick and scarce liquid from the female prostate, the squirting is the expulsion of fluid from the urinary bladder, which would be a kind of diluted urine generated by the overstimulation of the kidneys that can occur in some people during sexual intercourse.


  • 1 What is female ejaculation?
  • 2 The (bad) reference of the porn industry
  • 3 Can all women have squirting?

What is female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation, consists in the expulsion of an odorless liquid, of a light color and in variable proportion, that leaves through the orifice of the urethra at the time of orgasm. During sexual arousal, these glands will be filled with fluid that will then be ejaculated.

Anatomy of the reproductive system and sexual organs

This liquid could be confused with urine, but it is not, the calls produce skene glands, these can be found along the wall of the urethra. This type of glands can vary from one woman to another in size, there are even women who do not have them, but this occurs in very few cases.

The (bad) reference of the porn industry

Squirting, like ejaculation of large amounts of fluid through the vagina, has been popularized by the actresses of porn movies. But it is important to know that These actresses use tricks to produce this effect and that most do not have real ejaculationsFor example, water can be introduced into the vagina before filming the scene or some drink a lot of liquid before to have their bladders full. In real life, sex works differently, so it should not serve as a reference.

The female ejaculation common is not much like what these women show. The fluid that most women secrete often stays inside the vaginal canal and It is often confused with the proper lubrication of sexual arousal. It is a liquid that is not usually very abundant and only when the woman is over during sexual intercourse or has large ejaculations can the fluid be seen, usually gushing out during orgasm contractions.

Squirting, which is the outflow of large amounts of fluid during orgasm, is much less frequent. The vast majority of women have never had it and the women that happen to them are after the intense G-spot stimulation. Different studies have revealed that the abundant and transparent fluid is really urine that comes from the bladder and is ejaculated due to the muscle relaxation that occurs after orgasm.

What should be clear is that female ejaculation and squirting are two different phenomena in which the organs and the mechanisms that produce them are different: on the one hand, real female ejaculation is the release of a thin and thick fluid from the female prostate, while squirting arises from the urinary bladder.

Can all women have squirting?

The role of education that women and men have received is essential to free us from prejudices and fears. Our own beliefs often do not make it easy for us to find our own pleasure, which means that we do not explore our body in depth to know what we like. This means that there are women who do not know their clitoris, much less their point G. A adequate knowledge of genital anatomy It will be essential to get the squirting.

Techniques to achieve squirting

It is important to note that squirting does not cause more pleasant orgasms, it is simply a consequence of the relaxation of the urethra. Although it can cause morbidity in many people. If you want to try to get a squirting, it is important to follow these steps.

Although, in theory, most women can achieve ejaculation, one must know how to stimulate in a specific way and in a designated place so that this can occur. The following steps are designed to cause squirting, it is very possible that it is not achieved the first time or first times, it is a technique that requires a little practice. It is recommended that the first few times be practiced alone, in order to know the sensations and the areas that must be touched.

  1. Lying in bed, the clitoris will be stimulated to fill with blood and swell
  2. Insert the middle finger or the index finger and heart with the palm facing up, in the vagina looking for point G, this is only a few centimeters behind the pubic bone. Point G has a rough shape and if it is caressed it causes a feeling of urination.
  3. Stimulate the G-spot by massaging it in a circular way or giving it small touches.
  4. It combines stimulation with Kegels contractions, intermittently contracting the pubocoxygeal muscle (muscle with which urine is sustained)
  5. When you notice the orgasm, take your finger out quickly and without stopping the buttocks, caress the clitoris. At that time you should notice ejaculation.

Trying to get a squirting can become another game in sexual intercourse, but it should never be an end. Like everything in sex, the important thing is the game and the experimentation not the results.