70 Petrarch phrases about life and death

70 Petrarch phrases about life and death

Francesco Petrarca (1304 - 1374) was an illustrious Italian poet, writer and scholar, and the first humanist in the Renaissance Italy. It is considered that his rediscovery of Cicero's letters marked the 14th century Renaissance.

Petrarca's works and thoughts formed the basis of the model for the modern Italian language that was created by Pietro Bembo in the 16th century. The Accademia della Crusca He later backed Petrarca as a model for the Italian style. During the Renaissance, the sonnets of Petrarca were imitated and admired throughout Europe and also became a prototype of lyric poetry.

His best known work is the Song book, originally published under the name of Rime in vita and Rime in morte by Madonna Laura and that was expanding over the years.

Here is a beautiful list of quotes and sayings from Francesco Petrarca, the man who is also known for being the first to state the concept of Dark Age.

Famous quotes from Petrarca

I rejoiced at my progress, lamented my weaknesses and praised the universal instability of human behavior.

Who suspects nothing is easily deceived.

Equality is the mother of disgust, the cure variety.

Man has no greater enemy than he.

The old man loves the practical, while the impetuous youth only yearns for the dazzling.

I have taken pride in others, never in myself.

The bigger I am, the greater my efforts will be.

Love is the supreme grace of humanity.

Every pleasure in the world is a passing dream.

He who speaks ill of others himself condemns.

Virtue is health, vice is disease.

Events seem sad, pleasant or painful, not because they really are, but because we believe they are and because the light with which we see them depends on our own judgment.

A shortcut to wealth is to subtract from our desires.

Because virtue only finds eternal fame.

Because although I am a body of this earth, my firm desire is born from the stars.

Books can warm the heart with kind words and advice, establishing a close relationship with us that is articulate and alive.

While life is in your body, you have the rein of all thoughts in your hands.

Big mistakes rarely originate with men of great minds.

I have often asked myself very curiously about our coming to this world and what will follow our departure.

I have acted against my feelings and inclinations throughout our lives, we all do what we never intended, and what we set out to do, we left it undone.

Merciless effort, beat everything.

Because death between times is comfort, not dismay, and whoever can rightly die needs no delay.

A beautiful death honors a lifetime.

I looked back to the top of the mountain, which looked like a height elbow compared to the height of human contemplation, not very often merged into the corruptions of the earth.

The place where you are is not important, but only what you are doing there. It is not the place that ennobles you, but you who ennoble the place, but only doing what is great and noble.

I would have preferred to have been born at another time than this.

Who over refines his argument, leads you to pain.

Five enemies of peace live with us: greed, ambition, envy, anger and pride; If these were banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.

Suspicion is the cancer of friendship.

Death is a dream that ends our dream. Oh! May we be allowed to wake up before death wakes us up.

And the men approach to admire the heights of the mountains, the powerful waves of the sea, the wide extension of the rivers, the circuit of the ocean and the revolution of the stars, but they themselves do not consider it.

Death had his grudge against me, and he got up on the road, like an armed thief, with a pick in his hand.

I freeze and burn, love is bitter and sweet, my sighs are storms and my tears are floods, I am in ecstasy and agony, I am possessed by memories of her and I am in exile from myself.

Do you think there is a living man so unreasonable that if he encountered a dangerous disease he would not anxiously wish to recover the blessing of health?

Stay in your own ways and leave me mine.

Hope is something incredible for the slave of sorrow.

A death equally cuts the blessed wings of time.

How much I envy you, greedy land, that you can grab the one who killed me, and keep me away from the air and his sweet face in which I once found peace in all my war!

How fortune brings excess security to earth!

And tears are heard inside the harp that I play.

There is no lighter, or nicer, charge than a feather.

Life itself is short enough, but doctors with their art know for their fun how to make it even shorter.

Nothing mortal is lasting, and there is nothing sweet that does not end bitterly.

So far your eyes have darkened and you have looked too much, yes, too much, on the things of the earth. If this delights you, what will be your outburst when you look up at eternal things?

How quickly the old affliction is followed by a small bliss!

The mere elegance of language can produce, at best, an empty popularity.

I saw the footprints of the angels on earth: the beauty of heaven walking alone over the world.

Reality is always the enemy of famous names.

How difficult it is to save the crust from the reputation of the rocks of ignorance.

It is more honorable to rise to a throne than to be born in one. Fortune grants one, merit gets the other.

Outside our life, so beautiful to see, with the ease of losing one's life, in one day, how many years with accumulated pain and effort!

Go away, crying my rhymes, to that hard stone. By virtue of which is my love, there is my darling, and call her who speaks from the sphere of heaven.

What name I call you, virgin, I do not know, because your eyes are not from the earth. And more than mortal looks your face.

Wanting is not enough ...

When the poet died, his cat was dead and mummified.

It may only be glory that we seek here, but I am convinced that, as long as we remain here, it is correct. Another glory awaits us in heaven and he who arrives there will not even want to think about earthly fame.

Reason speaks, and sense bites.

And I'm still living, but in grief and contempt for myself, here I ran out of the light I loved so much, in a great storm and without careless wraps.

Where are the many buildings erected by Agrippa, of which only the Pantheon remains? Where are the splendid palaces of emperors?

My flowery and green age was fading, and I felt a chill in the fire that had been wasting my heart, because I was approaching the hillside above the grave.

Rarely great beauty and great virtue live together.

I freeze and burn, love is bitter and sweet, my sighs are storms and my tears are floods, I am in ecstasy and agony, I am possessed by memories of her and I am in exile from myself.

The books have led some to learning and others to madness.

How do you know, poor fool? Perhaps there, somewhere, someone is sighing for your absence; and with this thought, my soul begins to breathe.

She closed her eyes, and in the sweet dream, her spirit lay on tiptoe from her place of lodging. It is crazy to shrink in fear, if he is dying, because death looked beautiful on his face.

Walk forward with the glow of the past.

Sweet is the death that ends with love.

Shame is the fruit of vanities and remorse.

Blessed are the eyes that saw her while she lived!

It is better to want the good than to know the truth.

Gold, silver, jewels, purple garments, houses built with marble, prepared farms, pious paintings, caged steeds and other things of this type offer a mutable and superficial pleasure. The books delight the bone marrow. They talk to us, consult us and join us in a lively and intense intimacy.

The delight of the world is a brief dream.

Being able to say how much love is love, but little.

Having disgusted evil and ignorant men is the sure sign of genius and virtue.