When boredom invades us, tips to overcome it

When boredom invades us, tips to overcome it

They say there is no crime to kill time. And it is true. Boredom is a sensation for which there is no place in a world in which we have millions of alternatives at our fingertips. This can also be very dangerous for our mental health.


  • 1 The danger of boredom
  • 2 How to avoid boredom
  • 3 Activities to combat boredom

The danger of boredom

The boredom It occurs when the person finds no motivation in any activity. Although the most common is that it is something transitory, this can become more serious and become a real problem if it is not remedied in time.

One of the worst consequences of boredom is its impact on the mood of the person and on the appearance of psychological problems and even addictions. Boredom, therefore, is directly associated with depression.

The person suffering from this boredom, as we said, is demotivated in the absence of a stimulus that arouses their interest. It also usually presents difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks, such as reading or conversation.

This produces a feeling of disgust that can be very harmful for those who feel it, since the person may feel trapped in their own life. This generates an existential void that even generates anxiety tables.

How to avoid boredom

Keeping a busy mind is one of the keys to avoid being bored and boredom and, likewise, minimize the risk of falling into a depression. Therefore, one of the most used formulas during psychological treatment is occupational therapy.

This is to make the patient complete his time 100% with tasks that keep him busy and motivated. These should preferably be to the liking of the person who performs them, since lack of attention can lead to demotivation and abandonment of the task.

But what about stress? It's funny but Both states can lead to the same consequence: depression. For this reason, the important thing is to find a balance between the two.

This means that we should not become obsessed with occupational therapy and take it to the extreme. This does not mean having to be busy all day with a thousand activities until you get to suffer a stressful situation.

According to the World Health Organization the occupational therapy It is "the set of techniques, methods and actions that, through activities applied for therapeutic purposes, prevents disease and maintains health."

One of the main purposes of the occupation is to replace the concern. This is achieved through activities that keep the person busy and that this gets greater autonomy and, therefore, a better quality of life.

Activities to combat boredom

There are multiple alternatives to combat boredom. The important thing is to choose activities that motivate us and do not close the door to any alternative for fear of not knowing or not being able to do it.

The creative activities They are a good option, since these make the person feel able to overcome and discover aspects about themselves that will keep them motivated. Learning to paint, playing an instrument can be an example, writing a book or making crafts can be a way to combat boredom.

Hobbies; a space to forget about anxiety

Also works set a specific goal and write down on a calendar the different milestones that we must achieve with completion dates of the project in question. This will make us commit to him and feel obliged to work to complete it.

Said project can be related to any aspect of our life. We can bet on training, doing some course or master that makes us evolve in a specific field, or learn a new language.

If we want to improve the physical space in which we live, we can bet on the reform of some space in our home. In this case, the DIY activities (do it yourself or "do it yourself") suppose a challenge That will keep us motivated.

The sport It is another excellent way to combat boredom and depression. In addition to dealing, physical activity will improve our mood and our physical state, so the feeling of well-being will increase from day one.

Learn to cook, gardening, do hiking trails, ride a bike, join the gym, do crafts, go to the movies, read about topics that interest us ... There are thousands of alternatives in which to deal with to prevent the boredom invade us.

In short, in a world full of stimuli like the one we live in, there's no place for boredom. Also, don't forget that this can be dangerous for your mental well-being. So if you are lucky enough to have free time, take advantage of it to your advantage and take advantage of the advice we have given you.

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