What is the age at which our personality changes forever

What is the age at which our personality changes forever

Personality is something that changes throughout our lives and is influenced by numerous factors. However, there are a specific stage in which it ends up being defined and strengthened, so that it is increasingly complicated that changes occur in it. Let's go deeper into this issue.


  • 1 Personality Stages
  • 2 Personality, something mutable and flexible
  • 3 Adolescence, a key moment

Personality Stages

We humans go through our lives up to nine vital stages. The first one is the prenatal stage, which includes the moment when we are still in the womb.

The second is early childhood, from birth to 3 or 4 years and in which the child begins to have a little more autonomy. In this phase, the child absorbs a lot of information quickly and his family environment is his only link to reality.

Then comes what is known as early childhood, which ranges from 3 to 6 years. It is followed by intermediate childhood, until 11, very influenced by the school experience. Subsequently, adolescence arrives, from 12 to 17 years. After finishing this phase, we enter the youth, which is considered between 18 and 35 years.

Finally, we reach the stage of maturity, which goes more or less from 36 to 50 years; the stage of adulthood matures, from 50 to 65 years; and the stage of the third age, that begins from the 65 years.

In each of these phases it is considered that there are profound changes in the personality, since each of them implies a series of transformations in the person due to the experiences, which make us live and process things differently.

The personality, something mutable and flexible

Although all people have a series of defining features, personality is something that is completely flexible. This means that it can be molded and that changes according to our surroundings and the experiences we experience over the years.

In this way, all those vital changes that occur in any of the different stages through which we go through our lives will cause a change in us. This will, therefore, cause changes in our personality.

Puberty, start work, motherhood and fatherhood, retirement or change of country are just some of the examples of facts that can mark our personality and make this different.

Another fact that can cause a major change is to go through a traumatic loss or live a particularly painful event. This can translate into a transformation so important that it leaves a visible mark on our personality.

Adolescence, a key moment

Beyond these external factors, it is true that there is an age in which our personality undergoes an important change. This is adolescence. Hormonal changes and the person's own roles with respect to their environment produce an important mark on their personality.

During childhood, aspects of personality are beginning to show own and others that are influenced by their environment, since the family bond is still very strong and the education and teaching of parents determines the personality.

This is because the child passes from the childhood stage, in which adults are the ones who direct and govern their activity, to the stage of adulthood, in which he is responsible for his own decisions and assumes command of his life.

This stage is very complicated in many cases, since children cease to have their parents as a reference and the protagonists become, in most cases, the circle of friendships.

Beyond this stage, during the youth There are also important changes that affect our personality. It is the moment in which the person takes full responsibility for their life, begins to work, make their own decisions and assume the consequences of them.

It is the period in which in addition deepens self-knowledge and stabilizes our personality. This is something that continues to evolve as we accumulate experiences and experiences throughout our lives.

In conclusion, there are several moments in the life of every person in which their personality changes and traits are established that will be difficult to reshape. The important thing, above all, is to be aware of it to get the most out of our strengths and learn to work the weak in order to overcome them.