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Loving oneself with acceptance and compassion

Loving oneself with acceptance and compassion

In this video the self esteem as action, as the fact of relating to yourself with acceptance and compassion. All people have felt moments of frustration, of rejection, that other people have hurt us... And it is easy that from these experiences we internalize, more or less consciously, negative thoughts and assessments about ourselves.

Since these assessments can be painful, people usually do many things to not feel this way, not to feel inferior, weak, small or imperfect. And this can lead us to be extremely critical and self-demanding with ourselves, as well as feel guilt and shame.

The tags are like this, When we classify someone as kind, or selfish, it seems that this label encompasses the totality of that person, and prevents us from seeing beyond. Even when the person stops being kind or selfish, we are often not sensitive to those changes, and we continue to hold on to that label. And in the same way it happens with the labels that we place ourselves.

These labels, are conclusions or explanations to situations that we have lived in our history, nothing more than that, and although they try to cover our totality, they are only conclusions that we have drawn fruit of a situation. And if we had other situations, we would have other labels. But those would not define us completely. We are much more than just words on a label, thought, or fear.

Acting according to these labels, based on not feeling those fears of being imperfect, different, people who fail ... You can limit our day to day. It can take us along paths that are not what we want, giving the labels of our life to these labels and the fear of being rejected, instead of taking it from us and moving towards what we really want to live.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis video is that if that is your case, invite you to interact with those fears, with those parts of yourself that you do not like so much, in a gentle and kind way. Accept those imperfections, also the fears and labels that your story has been installing in you, and allow them to be, loosening the internal struggle, and daring to be you, and cultivate the life you want.