Get out of depression: the garden metaphor

Get out of depression: the garden metaphor

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The garden metaphor is a therapeutic resource widely used in the Acceptance and commitment therapy. In this case, we present the metaphor as a new way of understanding depression.

Normally, people with depression are in a loop in which act based on your emotions and thoughts, takes them away from the things they would like to be living. In fact, some of the most common symptoms in depression are:

  • Decreased interest in things and difficulty in enjoying them.
  • Feelings of disappointment and hopelessness.
  • Tendency to turn around painful events of the past, or possible future catastrophists.
  • Physical sensations of tiredness, fatigue and laziness

In these cases, acting in accordance with these sensations usually leads to a lifestyle that is less and less active and vital, and consequently results in a more impoverished life of things that at another time could have been stimulating, vibrating. The fact of seeing this stagnant life, most likely generates more dissatisfaction and negative thoughts about self, which add to the process of less and less vital activity.

In these cases it is important to realize that one does not have the need to act based on what their emotions and thoughts say, if that does not make life better, and free themselves from them in order to reverse the situation, change the dynamics of their lifetime. After all, no we are our thoughts and emotions, we are something else, and in that "something else" is our ability to direct our life where we want even when the wind blows against it.